Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hollis is in Nashville now:

If you would like to visit her:
431 Larkin Springs Rd.
Madison Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center
Room 30.

Many people on the playa sent their best wishes to Hollis as she flew over our heads and the man burned. I will miss her, but am happy that she is finally in a stable place to start stage 3 of her recovery.

I love you Hollis, my wifey, and inspiration.
Thank you for introducing me to so many people when I was a young duckling in the bay area.
You were hiding in my shadow the whole time I traced the dusty earth of the playa.
Your personality unfolded ten times in each direction of the stinging wind.
It is no surprise that the burner community was the glue that held you together.
Everyone is at their best, most giving, and able to receive out there.
You have always been such a provider and collaborator. No wonder.
The playa crews are some of the most inspired and motivated givers I have met.
And you knew those are the people I need to be around.
You have no idea how many souls you have connected me with post-accident.
It has jumpstarted my creativity, a dark sludgy muck this year.
I hope you read this soon.
Thank you, Darling, and get to work.
We would like to see you out and about like a buzzing bee ruffling the petals of newly formed flowers.