Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A new total:

I received an email yesterday asking for the new total.
I apologize to everyone for not keeping up with the tally marks.
The donation station was flying off the hook for three solid weeks.
At the same time as we reached $100,000, Hollis arrived safe in our arms. Shortly after that there have been many benefits all over the place, and the job here at Friends of Hollis moved from behind the screen to hand in hand. The pay pal went from 7 donations every ten minutes to a few a day, steadily rolling in. I know that the first three weeks were so amazing because your eyes just lit up every time you checked in and found that the money coming in had doubled, then tripled. It seems like a let down if it isn't in the thousands. But that is incorrect thinking.
Every donation counts and each cent is a vote for Hollis to reach health.

Today I am getting ready for The Cougar Run where The Derailleurs are performing.
check it out here:

Then I will track down a new total for you all.
It's on the way.

New York benefit on May1st:

May Day Masquerade!!!
A Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne & Pre-Shpongle Extravaganza..

Friday May 1st in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Featuring Live Performances By:

Disco Monkeys &
Your Boyfriend's Band Sucks!

Psytrance, Dub, Electro, Tech House & Drum n' Bass DJs:

Liquid Kids (DJ Zola Vs. Drift Dodgers)
Higher Nebulae
DJ Stress (2Tuff, Alteration)
Todd Fatjo (Jack Productions, Dealin' Records)
Morgan Stoner
(Funky Communication, Team Ewok)
DJ Atom C
Reverend Dr. Shamus
(PsySystem/Kostume Kult)

Live Art Performances, Canvas & Bodypainting provided by ART BATTLES! (


Bodypainted Dancers, Poi Spinners, Giveaways and much more!

We have a great 1000-person capacity space with a balcony, separate bar with seating and VIP room!

The party also has a greater meaning, it is a benefit for Hollis Hawthorne. Hollis is an incredible, innovative artist, dancer and Burning Man worker who was hit by a bus on February 28th while riding a motorbike in India. She has been in a coma ever since, and her friends and the Burning Man community have raised over $100,000 to transport her back to the states and for medical expenses.

She seems to be improving slowly and is opening her eyes, responding to stimuli, making verbal noises and moving fingers and toes on command. She is currently at St. Luke's hospital in San Francisco and the goal is to raise $200,000 for her complete rehabilitation and care. All proceeds from the event will go toward this fund.

The story has completely captivated us as we've learned of the beauty of this person and about the incredible response from her friends and the entire tribe. It is a moving testament to this great woman and the huge, powerful family that she is a part of.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Acupuncture Wednesday

Hollis will be treated at 6pm wed. so please refrain from visiting.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Austin Benefit postponed due to inclimate weather:

From one of the organizers of the Austin Hollis Benefit:

Hi kids,
I am sad to say, the benefit for Hollis needs to be postponed.
Between the torrential thunder and lightening storms AND tornado warnings, it's just too dangerous.
In addition, last night, the community lost a friend.
Caleb "Shooter" Schaber took his last call.
Damn near everyone involved with the benefit for Hollis is now in mourning.
Hollis' bills aren't going anywhere.
We will announce the rescheduled date as soon as we have it.
Thanks for being understanding, gang.

Acupuncture on saturday.

Saturday for a couple hours Hollis will be getting acupuncture.
Starting at 3:30, Hollis will not be accepting visitors until 6pm.

She is becoming more and more aware. She seems to be more present. Her eyes are opening together and wide when I walk in. Her noises are getting more expressive. She had been kicking her legs, especially her left one. The doctors have been using this table that they strap her to that slowly stands up, so she can get used to the feeling of gravity under her feet.
I think about how it seems like it is taking so long for her, and how things are still in such shambles of Hollis' former self. Then I think about how each week progress builds and builds and is just a very slow process. I think about the first time I saw her compared to the last time and there have been incredible steps taken. I must be patient and consistent. Breath and wait.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From Face:

We got a Burning Man ticket to raffle!
So that's one ticket to Flipside, and one ticket to Burning Man for Hollis' fundraiser Saturday in ATX!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Austin Benefit: the flier!

This Saturday:

April 18th Austin Texas:
early eavning till late
@ the burning flipside wherehouse off of springdale and airport in east austin
THAT Damned Band
GutBunny Revival
Black Label Bike Club will have their freak bikes, tall bike jousting, chicken shit kino, and freak bike rides for donation
face camp will be set up for chillin out in
there will be a raffle with many awesome prizes
a possible dance troop
wrapped up with a movie night featuring "The Jerk"

ANY performers are welcome to come and show their stuff, just email Anne Bonny:
(looking for musical and circus performers, other ideas welcome of course)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tonight! Lost Vegas @ Cellspace

Lo$t Vegas is a benefit for the Swimming Cities of Serenissima
2050 Bryant @ 19th
9pm dress to the nines$

Mark Growden, Mongolounge, The Cheese Puffs (Hollis co-founded this dance team), Otto Von Danger, Tango #9, Wink and Yoni, Freaktronic, Sparkle Motion, and trapeze by Miriam Telles.

The games this year:

Cockroach Racing, Quantum Dating Game, Poke-her, Human Wheel of Death, Rat Roulette, Craps And much much more!!!!!!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Hollis Update:

Tonight Hollis is getting acupuncture, so there will be NO visitors after 6pm.


Come to Lost Vegas tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And now for something different: Lost Vegas

If you didn't know, Harrison was going to go to Slovenia after India to work on a artboat project before Hollis' accident occurred. The project is called the The Swimming Cities of Serenissima. It is headed up by the world renown artist Swoon and also Chicken John. Many of our bay area friends are going to meet up with the project to build it and sail it down to Venice. The goal is to do shows along the way, and end at the Venice Beinalle, and crash the party.
Harrison chose to drop the next six months of his international artstar life to stick by Hollis' side and see her through the fog. (clapclapclap)

Last week the funding was severely cut right as they secured a spot to build in eastern Europe.
This Saturday there is benefit at Cell Space called LOST VEGAS.
This occasion calls for high heels and sequins.
You can bet on cockroach racing or rat roulette.
Watch Hollis' dance team and showgirls extraordinaire, The Cheese Puffs.
See Otto Von Danger jump the Ramp of Death.
Listen to the soothing sounds of the Devo lounge cover band, Mongolounge.
Mark Growden was just added to the bill.
Get married in the chapel.
Throw pies at Chicken John.
Sounds fun, eh?

Here are pictures of the last few Lost Vegas events:

check it out on Facebook:

New protocol for visiting Hollis:

Hollis had a sputum culture and she still has a lung bug from India. ( I forgot the name.)
The bug is really resistant to antibiotics, and while visiting her, you don't want to catch it. Visitors are asked to wear gloves and a mask while touching her to prevent catching it themselves. It's up to you to prevent yourself from getting it. Bummer, huh?

Monday, April 6, 2009

A video tour of the Cirkus Carnival:

Karen sent this to me. It was good to see the layout because I couldn't make it.

I walked in on saturday...

And there were a bunch of balloons on the wall and Hollis' was holding one in her sleeping hand. And then I noticed she had clown make up. It was actually pretty cute. When she woke up I asked her who did that to her and showed her in the mirror.
Then I found a picture on facebook.
Robin Hood, you are caught red handed!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hollis Update:

Yesterday Hollis received her first small dose of Ritalin, an agent used to try and wake her up. It might work in a few days or instantly or not at all. There is still some residual blood in her head from the accident, but when that clears, she should see a rapid improvement.
The medicine so far has seemed to make her miserable and she has a fever. Best of wishes to Hollis and this terrible state she is going through.
Thanks for checking in.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We Need Paparazi:

A camera for the room so we can document everyone coming to visit Hollis, and especially their gifts they bring and more especially their outfits. Upload them for safe keeping. Diane will have a computer from her husband in a week.

Shout out:

I want to thank the two members of Dark Dark Dark who visiting Hollis on Tuesday and playing her some peaceful music. By you creating those mellifluous vibrations in the room, her soul is filling out her body. Her mind is expanding back from of the convoluted space she has been in.

Franny's Raffle was a success!!

Last night they called the winners of the month long raffle held by Franny Corsick.

Grand total with Hollis's Raffle earnings is $2,230.00!!!!!!!

This will be a nice padded cushion for Hollis' long recovery back to rockstar status.
Thank you Franny and all of the amazing retailers and artisans who donated their services.
With a list of prizes that long, no wonder it was such a success!

Not to be outdone:

Hearing about all the cities who are putting on fundraisers, Seattle got miffed that they didn't join the cause and so they are not only doing one benefit, but two!
A lady named Heather Miles is putting the two together. They are planning a small bar event in May, and a very large, outdoor, full-day circus/concert event + raffle in June.
If you live in Seattle, search this woman out and join up on the team. In a recession, there are a bunch of people with idle time on their hands. Let's put those hands to work.
Heatherly is looking for a venue at the moment.
to contact her:

And on the tip of fundraisers, we are not out of the woods of wonderfulness yet!
We have many still coming up. Here is a schedule:

April 4th Western Kentucky University:
Healing Hollis- A night of Comedy, Dance, and live music.
@ Russell Miller Theater
7pm Silent Auction starts
8pm show starts

April 18th Austin Texas:
early eavning till late
@ the burning flipside wherehouse off of springdale and airport in east austin
THAT Damned Band
GutBunny Revival
Black Label Bike Club will have their freak bikes, tall bike jousting, chicken shit kino, and freak bike rides for donation
face camp will be set up for chillin out in
there will be a raffle with many awesome prizes
a possible dance troop
wrapped up with a movie night featuring "The Jerk"

ANY performers are welcome to come and show their stuff, just email Anne Bonny:
(looking for musical and circus performers, other ideas welcome of course)
everything will be on donation and there will be info on hollis' story for anyone to check out.

May 1st, New York City:
I just received word today that two birthday folks are throwing a huge warehouse party and wanted to turn it into a benefit for Hollis. They heard about her inspiring message and want to help her out on this slow recovery. Isn't that so sweet you get a cavity?
Anyways, Caeli Higgins got in touch with me and told me that she is throwing an event in a warehouse that can hold 1,000 people and she wants to yell it from the rooftops.
If you want to link up with actions going on in New York, or if you are and artist/dj/performer/painted lady, get in touch with her.
The facebook event is:

ps: Oakland, I want some words, a story chronicling the benefit last Saturday. The Giant Get Well Soon Card looks amazing in Hollis room.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reminder of Excitement!

Tonight Franny will reveal the winners of the raffle:

Raffle night 7:30pm - 9:00 The Bus Stop Gallery 135 Dore off Folsom between 9th and 10th.

If you don't remember the prizes:

I bought two so I could win the Burning Man ticket (I have never been) and the Hot Air Baloon Ride. cross your fingers. I am crossing my toes. If you can't make it, hopefully you filled out the back so she can get in touch with you for your prize.