Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check in from Canada:

From Ottawa, Canada about Sunday's Event:

pARTicipants included The Latest Artists, who installed video projections and a modular light sculpture, music by Travino, performers from the Ottawa bellydance and psytrance communities, Burners from Ottawa & Montreal, including one of the Montreal Regional Reps, and many friends of all those pARTicipating came out to enjoy the evening. We extend many thanks to all performers and those who came to support the event and our silent auction and most notably extend thanks and gratitude to The Mercury Lounge, whose generous donation of their venue made the event possible! With about 75 participants, we raised about $800 (CAD) and still some proceeds are rolling in from the Silent Auction, which included music, arts, and crafts created by local burners and dancers. Given that many of those pARTicipating had never met Hollis, nor even thought of attending Burning Man, it speaks to the unity of the artistic community during times of crises, and the generosity of the many souls touched by Hollis and her family. On behalf of our community I'd like to extend prayers for good health and well being for Hollis, Harrison, Diane, and her family.

much love,

Leslie / Ocean
(disorient & DPW)


Hollis update:

Hey team.
First off, thanks for being there for Hollis.
Everyone who has been at the hospital. Giving her smells, telling her dreams, and holding her hands. You have been integral doing something good for her.
She has been moved to the 8th flooor.
Room 835.
We are starting to organize a few things and I want you to be in on it.
1. We are looking for dream stories. We want to start a database of dreams that Hollis has been featured. If nothing else she could benefit from her scope of influence she has had on everyone. I think it would be very interesting for her to realize her time frame as well.
2. We want to set up a schedule of acupuncture, reiki, and massage for her and fill in the slots. Hopefully we can fill in the schedule so we don't have to wait for her physical therapy while we are trying to have good one on one time with her. What I mean is set up a schedule for yor visiting needs.
Speaking of...
Hey, remember that guy who had the acupuncturist who wanted to work on her? Let's get them together. We are looking for acupuncture four to seven days a week. We need to find a team who would be able to sign up for that for a month. We will pay. It's necessary.
3. She's doing good.
I will give the full update later, but I will do that when I have more time in front of the computer.
4. Seriously, thank you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

THis Sunday in Ottawa, ON, Canada:


The details:
Shakti fusion presents: pARTicipate!
A Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
Sunday, March 29th
7-10 at The Mercury Lounge, 56 Byward

Performers: Leslie, Shakti fusion bellydance, Francesca (Rockalily Burlesque) Dani LeBlanc, Safiya, Halyma, Joshua Tacoma, Vera Sagram, Zamira, Justin Barca, John Lloyd, Dollhouse Dance Co, and more to come!

Visuals by: The Latest Artists (AO & Deborah O'Malley)

Today in Oakland:

Circus Carnival Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
Saturday afternoon March 28th from 2-7pm
at 5th st and Harrison near Lake Merrit Bart and 980 Jackson st exit

Family friendly event so bring those youngsters!

Carnival games including pie throwing, whack a mole, ring toss, ball toss, face painting, balloon animals and more.

Live performances!
BBQ and food (veggie things too!) Creme Brulee!
and a Raffle!!!
prizes include:
* a sailing trip for two
* a bike tune up
* Yoga classes

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You Friends:

You make this whole hard thing easier. Thanks for reading and giving encouragement.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cirkus Carnival Saturday:

Slim Chance, Kristen, and Goatman Dan have put together a wonderful event on saturday.
It will be kid friendly with a Cyclecide Carnival Ride, games, raffles, and great food.
Games for knocking things over. Pie throwing. Musical amusement. Performances. ClownS not Bombs. Luke on the grill.
Saturday March 28th
2-7pm downtown Oakland
5th street and Harrison.
See you there!

GoTeam Hollis!

Be a Mission Welcoming Committee.

St. Luke's
3555 Cesar Chavez St. (@ Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 467-9808
10th Floor
Room 1037
They are not strict about visiting.
You should see the view of Bernal Hill!

My account of yesterday:

This is my biased account of yesterday's happenings. I encourage other stories to post up, give the readers a picture behind this internet tale.
It was beautiful and I'll tell you why...

Four days ago I had a dream that I was in Hollis' room and I was talking to her and she was on her side and she answered something, so I kept her talking. I pretended that I hadn't noticed anything different, to keep her working on that plane to get accustomed. Inside I was so joyous that she had spoken. Oh I couldn't contain it! I would spring it on her after a while and tell her that she had just done something marvelous.

The night before visiting her, I had a dream where we were hiking/skipping through the lush green woods. We were very happy and the sun lit up our smiles.
We found a large patch of yellow flowers and lay down. We told secrets to each other and sang loud into the wide open.
I woke with this Bright Eyes song stuck in my head. The epic one, "Does she kiss your eyelids in the morning when you start to raise your head..." It wouldn't stop repeating, so I vowed to sing it to her.

It was about 2:45 pm yesterday. DATino, Party Radar and I walk into the room and she is getting her physical therapy. She is out of the boots and mittens they put her in; the boots that keep her joints from hyper extending or stretching out too much. She was getting heel stretches and the nurse showed us how to do them, so we could actively help her recover. The more it happens, the better she'll feel. They had recently put a vibrating piece into her trach so she could make noises, and when they turned her on her side, she started hummming. I was having dejavu, and so stoked about it! I told her about the dream right then and there. Told her that we had communicated on that level and that she should still try to contact me, because I am listening. I started singing that Bright Eyes song to her. I asked her if she recognized it and she squeezed my hand and hmmmmed. It felt like that "It's so beautiful, I have to cry" moments. There were a lot of those in the room. I didn't cry, but we encouraged her to let it go loud and proud.
Diane was there and looking very sturdy. She had her little roll bed set up with reading material and a bag of cookies in the corner. Cards and books and pictures of Derailleurs performances were all over the room. Diane is an amazing woman who is getting to know our culture through her daughter, and is ushering her through this whole process. We need to honor and pamper her. And Harrison. Give these people massage! But I digress.

We took our posts beside the bed. It looked like she wanted to sit up, so Diane showed us how to raise her a bit. She kept on hmmming for a while. We rolled down the side guards and grabbed her hands and started giving her some muscle massage. The nurse left the boots off for us to work on her. She was very vocal. She was opening her eyes, focusing on each person. Her left eye needs more calibration and strength. I kept reminding her to focus on that one, apologizing for telling her what to do, but I was toughening her up for the world.
While she was holding my hand, I suggested a thumb war. 1,2,3,4..I declare a thumb war.
She was caressing my thumb, moving it around. Then she pinned me. Light at first but got really hard. I was so upset. I haven't lost a thumb war yet so I called a rematch best 2 out of three. I managed to pin her down, so we needed a tie breaker. Shazzam she got me. Her eyes were looking at it, hmmming.
Then Donna, Mel, Shannon, and Nissa arrived. We showed them the thumb war action. It was a great moment of support when they all walked in. The whole bed was surrounded and we all were touching her, moving her legs, stretching her Achilles, massaging her muscles. Some of the times she was holding on to my arm so hard it seemed as though she was trying to pull herself up. She just recently had a feeding tube surgery, making it come out of her stomach, so I am sure it made sitting up a discomfort. But she sure wanted to. Her left hand was weaker as well, but as I reminded her to use that one and squeeze more with it, her grip got much tighter and controlled. They were synchronizing more near the end when she was making a point of expressing how crazy and beautiful it was. Sporadically she was having muscle spasms down her i.t. band and quadriceps. I'm sure her hips are tight from all that has happened. When they would come, we would stick our thumbs in that hollow where the hips and sacrum meet and it seemed to calm them. Her guests did some leg and hip rotations and she seemed to be aiding them. She would move her toes and legs a bit, all while Hmmming.
We started an Om moment or two. One time I was right up by her side, and she was matching my breaths and we harmonized for a few magical moments. Oh! She's coming back!
Harrison called me while we were there, and I put him on speaker phone to hear Hollis hollering. He was amazed, and let her know that he was on his way down. He showed up with Patrick and it was a huge gathering. We were all surrounding her and letting her know it's okay to be mad at the situation and be embarrassed to be in this state, but the worst is behind her. The more she recognizes how crappy the situation was, the more she can get better. It's a catch-22. She squeezed my hand and started crying. We encouraged her to let it all out because that would give more space for all the love that she has surrounding her. We told her to take her time because we love her unconditionally and we are patient. And we'll be here as long as she needs us. She was so mad about not being able to be in her body. She is fighting and she is making great progress! And she is processing some of the emotions that have been locked up in another realm.

Well, enough of my story, go over there and visit her. Be a Mission welcoming committee. Find your own stories. Send them to me.
St. Luke's
3555 Cesar Chavez St. (@ Valencia)
San Francisco, CA 94110
10th Floor
Room 1037
They are not strict about visiting.
You should see the view of Bernal Hill!


Stanford donated the ambulance escort to St. Lukes today.
Hollis is slated for a noon departure.
I will post as soon as I know what room she is in.

It's all fly by the pants:

I am glad to inform you that Hollis will be moved to the heart of the Mission, St. Lukes.
She is being moved today, wed. march 24th and will be excited to see each and every one of you in her hood. I will attest to her incredible state now from a group effort and the ability of greatness in the future.
She is leaving Stanford because she is not in need of state-of-the-art care, more rehabilitation. St. Lukes has been kind enough to offer a rehabilitation program free of charge while we work on getting her medi-cal (a process that takes a few to six months.) As soon as I sleep off my celebratory experience I will detail the AMAZING time we had with her today.
I am processing and figuring out words.
Just know you are on the verge of some excitement!
Visiting hours begin most likely thursday morning.
So everyone planning to visit her this week still should, it will just be a heck of a lot closer for your convenience.
Trust me I will post it AS SOON AS SHE IS TRANSFERRED!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Catching signals that sound in the dark...

                I am so inspired by all of you.  I am in some sort of dark and damp maze and the air inside is like that out of a growling dog’s breath.  I keep on running into walls and hitting my head. Feeling disenchanted I sit down and let the moss start to cover me. Suddenly thousands of hands reach down and pull me up and turn me around give me a torch and point me in the right direction.  They are doing the same for Hollis.  As voices calling to her down the long echoing hallways and winding synapses of her brain as she is spinning in search of a way out of the maze. Somewhere in there it is working and she is getting closer to the exit and faintly calling back to us over the walls.

                I haven’t written anything for this website in many days and the reasons are numerous.  Mostly I was focusing and it took every ounce I had to coordinate the flight back and make it actually happen. Then I got back and I guess I am experiencing culture shock or I’ve got ‘feeling really crazy all the time syndrome’ or at least feeling too intense for ‘blogging’.  I was however writing and I guess I can post the things I was writing on the message board or something, if people still want to hear about my perspective on her progress (even if it’s somewhat outdated at this point).  That said let’s shift the focus back to Hollis.

                 So the story I want to relay is meant to make you jump.  To make you jump out of your seat and run to your bike or car or to get on that train, both metaphorically and literally. She needs you, to be invested.  It has been one month since her accident and you should come see her now. You should come see how much better she is and you should keep coming back and see how much better she will be and understand it first hand.  Sure we all read a lot of really cool things on the internet and sure we’ve all seen little miracles that bring us to tears but you should know that they are happening in Stanford Medical round the clock. 

      She hasn’t had the overwhelming amount of visitors I had thought she would.  The few groups of visitors she has had have been amazing.  Amazing for her as well as for her mom, who can’t stop raving about how nice all of  Holli’s friends are.  The first time she had a group of friends around her she used her voice for the first time since the second day after her accident, when she was making choking/screaming noises.  I could hardly believe it and I can’t describe to you what it feels like to hear someone make even the slightest sound after a part of you thought you might never hear a peep ever again.  Something about it squelched the post accident sounds in my head and replaced them with expectancy for actual speech.

      Two nights later, the next time she had a group of visitors was amazing.  She was the most responsive she has ever been.  Five friends, in two groups flooded in at about the same time, bringing high hopes and good spirits.  All of them and her mother and myself included made for a pretty packed room and Hollis knew it.  The background noise of everyone hanging out and reminiscing and the loving cheapshots (that are taken while she can’t respond but we are all going to pay for I’m sure) were flowing colorfully.  As things finally calmed down, it was down to 15 year old Ocean and her mother Lulu and me and Hollis’ mom.  Ocean had brought a selection of books and began reading to Hollis.  Hollis was focused and intent.  She was moving her eyes between the book and all the mesmerized onlookers.  She was so intent I could’ve sworn she was going to ask us a question about the book.  She scanned with both eyes around in the pictures and scrunched her eyebrows like she was thinking real hard.  She then was pulling Ocean’s hand to her head repeatedly like she was trying to kiss it and even got hold of her feed tube that was coming from her nose (it has since been moved to her stomach directly). I then knew it was time and I grabbed hold of her hand and stared her in the eye and asked her to squeeze my hand.  She did it, on command for the first time.  I then begged her to let go, a feat which seemed less probable due to the grip with which she was crushing me.  Nevertheless she released and then I placed her hand on her own arm, which she began to squeeze and then Ocean asked her to let it go and with some coaxing… she did.

                This very lucid bit of time that passed exhausted her, but it makes a few things blatantly obvious.  She is getting better, visitors and friends help amazingly, this is very hard for her as well and it’s going to take tons of work from everyone.  It takes a city, not a village. Scratch that it takes a whole Bay Area.  You’ll want to have rubbed her and talked to her as much as you can when the results start being so gratifying.

      What does it mean to be in a coma? What does it mean to wake up? What defines consciousness? Where are the lines between ‘coma’, ‘persistent vegetative state’, ‘minimally conscious’ and ‘fully conscious’?  Hollis waxes and wanes between these and nobody can really say what’s going on behind the surface of her eyes.  I do know this; Hollis is beating all the odds. That surprises no one and she is going to keep getting better.  So far we have done THE BEST that we could possibly do for her.  She was in the best hospital accessible to her in India and she is in the best care accessible to her in the US.  She has the most loving network of friends and family.  Now it's time to do the best we can for her face to face.  We need to be rubbing her and getting her into the lucid workouts where she wakes up just that little bit more. We need to be doing this as often as possible and as many of us as possible.  Everyone says it works, especially the doctors.

I’m gonna try to get back to posting updates but also feel free to call me.  Or better yet come and visit. Today, tomorrow, this weekend, every Monday, whatever works for you. And don’t worry about ‘abusing’ my number anymore.  I can handle it and love to hear from all of you. It’s like listening to music with your friends.  Sure the song may be good but it’s sharing it with your friends that makes it stay in your heart.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Notes from a Sprockette in Portland:

"The benefit in Portland was one of the better reminders for me of the strength that our community has built. Deciding that I had to do something aside from spreading the word about Hollis' accident was pretty immediate, and I thought it would be a basement show with maybe some local bands. What it ended up being was a HUGE warehouse event with hundreds of people, great acts, and over $5,000 raised. That to me is no small feat, considering that as we were chanting over the phone to India for Hollis to wake up, I was looking from the stage at everyone there, and realized that aside from the Sprockettes, Maybe five others had ever even met Hollis but were all working together to send love accross the sea. All of the performances went smoothly and beautifully, and everyone involved approched me to say that they have never been a part of a benefit that felt more powerful than that one. Maybe it was the kissing booth (smoochies for rupees!) or the gold attire, or the silent auction, or the bands that made the night so special, but really I think it was just for the love of Hollis."

Thank You Kiki, aka Agent Crush

Notes from Gerlach:

Hey All. I just wanted to report out on The Gerlach event Saturday night. Everything went great and we were able to raise $1326.40!

I wanted to make sure and thank the following people that made this happen!
-Ullass, for having the plan
-Larry Guisasola, proprietor of Joe's Gerlach Club
-Jon "Farmer" Farnsworth for bbqin (AGAIN!!)
-Quinn and Andy Luna for setting up and playing music on the fly
-All the people that came from points beyond: Winnemucca, Reno, Oakland, SF, etc.

And a VERY SPECIAL THANKS all the people of Gerlach and Empire, who not only showed up when they heard what was going on but donated their time, money and enough awesome food to feed everyone!

My pics are here, sorry there aren't more.


On a personal note:

I do not have a car and would like to visit Hollis a bunch.
If anyone is going and has room for me, please call me or email me:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tools for rehabilitation:

Hello team.
Thanks for getting Hollis home. We did it. Now is the time to go visit her.
If you'll notice I changed the Visiting terms on the side. It's pretty relaxed now and you are encouraged to take the trip.
She has been responding to groups very well lately. According to Harrison, the other day there were a few people in her room and Ocean was reading to her from a book with very beautiful pictures. She was following the story, and looking around the room at each individual person. On the page, she would point out different pictures. Ocean would take long dramatic pauses in order for Hollis to take it all in and respond. She also squeezed a hand on command. This is very exciting.

We are encouraged to bring more intellectually stimulating material. After all, she is at an Ivy League Hospital and we would accept nothing less. Harrison said he was told that reading material is good because she is aware on some level and that will bring her back to a refined congniscence. Bring your latest term paper to read. Maybe you don't have to do the dramatic pauses or maybe you feel like its good for her to really soak in a concept. But don't treat her like a baby. She is not and will get mad if we do. Let's bring her out of this coma with theories, music, books, and stimulating concepts. Let's enable her with the belief that she will recover and her mind will too.
And come visit. Stanford is a beautiful place. Did I mention how thankful we are to them for their support of our collective goal of rehabilitating Hollis?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Raffle Prizes Added:

Now you can purchase tickets to the most amazing raffle drawing at two locations, Dark Garden Corsets in Sf and Azure Studios in Oakland.
(see this post: http://friendsofhollis.blogspot.com/2009/03/tuesday-is-raffle-day-at-amnesia.html )
The prizes are so amazing!! I totally bought a ticket last night at Il Pirata! There are many many prizes and they are all worth a lot of money. Talk about a good deal. There are also individuals carrying around raffle tickets for your purchsing power. Find Franny or Robin hood if you know those ladies.

For the record, you CANNOT buy tickets through the paypal here. Please don't try.
You CAN donate for Hollis' medical fund through the paypal here. Please do try.

This is the latest addition:

You and 2 or your friends for a day of sailing on beautiful San Francisco Bay.
Scoop up you and your friends up in SF or your choice of local harbor.
Have lunch in the lee of Angel Island or on the island for some bocce or frisbee golf.


Shout it from the rooftops!

We officially jumped into six figure digits yesterday.
We have raised $100,000!!!!
Wo-OH were halfway theeere. WoooaOH livin' on a prayer!!!
Take my hand and we'll make it I swear. WOOOoh! Livin' on a prayeyair!

Keep up those plans for fundraisers.

Miranda Rugburn and Glenny Kravitz for their work organizing the Karaoke benefit last night.
It was brutal! I have never heard of anyone paying $20 to stop the national anthem. Four times!
We raised $592 of pure insultory money.
From DA Tinio:
"daMongolian donated 20$ yesterday online for me to sing American Pie... so I guess we cleared $600.
If memory serves American Pie took in $114
Star Spangled Banner took in $80 (short song!)
Under The Board Walk $60
Not that the numbers matter but it's kind of funny to see

I forgot to mention Jonah Th' Mole's Amusement Extravaganza last week. What a hoot that was! SPAZ brought their ginormous speakers and there was musical chairs, a cake walk, a knot tying workshop, and a station to build super glued mutants out of little action figures. MC Subzero Permafrost did a great live show to Vankmen's dance music. Th'Mole is my new favorite rapper. His show was awesome! He did a live music beatmatcher with Heartworm. Big fun time!
He donated $598 towards Hollis' medical expenses. Thank you thank you thank you!

editor's note:
I did some incorrect reporting about costs. I need to double reiterate that we are very thankful of Stanford gracious gift to Hollis and her care. Nothing has changed and I will report when/if it does. I am just trying to be informative and sometimes I am wrong.

More Pictures:

Gold Rush by Felix Ling:

For The Love Of Hollis (portland) by Gray Ayer

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight is Karaoke @ Il Pirata:

Tonight @ Il Parata Miss Rugburn and Glorious KJ Glenny Kravitz present the most raucous karaoke event I have ever heard of.
From the saucy Karaoke Mistress Miranda Rugburn:

So dig it, tonight's the night. The night where instead of booing or grimacing in the corner, blubbering about when it's your turn next, talking shit about the crappy singing, you can DO something about it! Shut 'em up by giving 2 bucks. That's it. Like 'em, or just want to piss other people off? Give 2 bucks to start it up again.

So let's do this:
Il Pirata
2007 16th St. (near Potrero)
San Francisco, CA
Bar 'til bar time, so get that firewater boiling!

So to reiterate:

Hate the person on stage? Now you have the sweet, sweet control of getting them OFF the stage! Hate the crowd? Pick the most annoying song to sing and keep the intensity rising by upping the ante and seeing if anyone will match you. Hate yourself? Well, good luck with all that, maybe singing a sweet little lullaby will put your woes at ease - HA, 'til you get shut down! 10 bucks severs (or continues?) the ties completely! This is a fight on all accounts. Hollis is fighting to come out of this, so we're (literally) fighting for her!

Luchador masks encouraged ::cough:: Logan ::cough:: Talking crap, being annoying, punching, well, we all know how punching ends, right Weldboy?

So get your jerk on, and come out!!

Can't wait to see you.
burnt rug.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hollis Update:

Just talked to Harrison and he said Hollis is making verbal noises.

Oakland Benefit:

Save the Date!

We're putting together a Circus Carnival next Saturday the 28th
It will be a Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
and will be outside our warehouse in downtown oakland
from about 2pm till dark (7 or 8pm)

We are looking for bands, performers
also for carnival booths, ideas? volunteers?
bbq and food helpers
raffle and door helpers
RAFFLE DONATIONS! got art, a bike, massage, anything?
decoraters etc
please repost too!
Family friendly event! get those kids out here!

From: slimchance@spaz.org

Two Beautiful Articles on Hollis by Friends:




Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hollis Update:

Just talked to Harrison with a Hollis Update.
She has been moved to a room with a floor-to-ceiling window from which you can see rolling hills, trees and the sunset. She has been very responsive lately, moving arm and making facial expressions. It is as though she knows where she is and is unhappy with the situation. It is hard to watch her painful expressions, but it is a good sign that she is warming back up to our reality. I can imagine her personality will be angry with being babied, angry with pity, and angry for not being able to be in her body. This reminds us to be patient with her and her situation as she goes through childhood and adolescence again.

This reminds me of etiquette while talking to a person in a coma.

1. You are a mirror for their emotions. Be cheerful and positive. If you are crying and upset, she will be soaking that in. Try talking to her in positive ways, talking about things she enjoys, things on the brighter side of life.

2. They can hear you. Some insight is provided by another burner woman who was internally decapitated and fell into a coma. During the unfortunate circumstances Amacker had while in a coma, she was able to share this:
"As I said, I was in a coma for a long time. And I remember all of it. And my brother, who never left my side, spent a lot of time talking to me. And his words were part of the script of my "coma reality." In other words, she probably CAN hear you, and depending on her brain,and how she dreams, she can process this into her world in some way. (so don't repeat yourself .. my bro did that a couple of days in a row and i was *so* flumoxed!)"

Amacker has made a miraculous recovery from a motorcycle accident 2 years ago and talks more about it here: http://helpholligethome.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-just-spoke-briefly-with-diane.html#comments

Hope you enjoy these tips.
I will get the updated visitor information as it arrives. Until then, the sidebar of this blog has the instructions on how to visit Hollis.

Money and Fundraiser Update:

First of all, Congratulations everyone!!
We scored a Touchdown!!
We successfully reached one of our goals of bringing Hollis home.
We are not out of the woods yet. There are still many uncertainties surrounding her recovery and medical expenses. Therefore we are charging along to meet our goal of $200k. And we are not alone in our efforts. We are still getting many benefits in line to satisfy our goals. This network of friends is setting a national (and worldwide) example of how any obstacle is possible to overcome with a little compassion. Or a lot!
There are several fundraisers planned in the future.

Here is a list:
1. Every Tuesday till the end of march Franny is holding a raffle with AMAZING prizes. This is in San Francisco after 9pm at Amnesia on 19th and Valencia. more info: frannypny@hotmail.com

2. This Thursday Miranda Rugburn and KJ Glenny Kravitz are hosting a karaoke benefit at Il Parata 2007 16th near Potrero. more info: mirandography@gmail.com or 773.971.1199

3. Oakland is hosting an outdoor carnival March 28th @ Your House. They are looking for more carnival games and acts. They are allowed to do fire spinning! Jump on this because that is a rare thing in this town. To get involved email goatmandan@juno.com or slimchance@spaz.org

4. Saturday 3/21 in Gerlach NV @ Joe's Gerlach Club. 7pm Bbq'ing tri-tip and other things, having a prize raffle for a mystery Black Rock Tour with Farmer and Fstick and for your listening pleasure The Newly Formed Gerlach All Stars will be playing at 8pm!!! BRING YOUR BANJO!!!! more info: Gary Ullas@yahoo.com or Fstick

5. March 29th Leslie aka Ocean is hosting a benefit called pARTicipate: 7-10pm @ The Mercury Lounge, 56 Byward, Ottawa, Canada. Performers: Leslie, Shakti fusion bellydance, Francesca (RockabillyBurlesque) Dani LeBlanc, Safiya, Halyma, Joshua Tacoma, plus more.
more info: leslie@shaktifusion.ca

6. Austin, TX is planning a benefit at The Enchanted Forest (date tba) There are many performers already in action, they are just solidifying the date. more info: Anne Bonny chickenmcfetus@gmail.com

I know I am overlooking something. Please email me if I have forgotten something. I am trying to do this fast and concise. eliza@friendsofhollis.com

And least I forget, THE NUMBERS!!!!
First, some thanks to Portland, who just deposited $3,875 in the bank from For The Love Of Hollis event! Special thanks to the Sprockettes for organizing and pdx DPW for helping clean up the space. And of course to all of the performers and myriad of volunteers. If you didn't get to see the pictures, here is the link: http://www.kodelab.com/photos/main.php?g2_itemId=1032&g2_page=1

After chasing down paypal denominations, bank totals, checks to be deposited, and putting them in a number crunch, we have currently raised.......
~~~~oh em geee~~
>>>>>>(I like doing this)<<<<<<<

towards our goal of $200k
We are nearing the halfway mark of our goals IN ONLY THREE WEEKS.
This is so astounding, it has been on the local news twice. AMEN!

Keep up the good work. Take a step back and regroup. Think about the power of miracles. Tell yourself you are one.

Karaoke Benefit this Thurs. @ Il Pirata:

"Who loves karaoke?
We love karaoke!!!

Who loves helping a celebrated dancer in our community get on her feet again?
We love Hollis!!!

So come on out this Thurs, March 19th to Il Parata, where we can sing her some love, and love her some more. The way this karaoke night will work is you pay two bucks to sign up for a song. Depending on the song and how badly you do, someone from the audience can pay another two bucks to stop it, and who knows? Maybe "Living on a Prayer" is ::ahem:: someone's favorite song, so they can pay another two bucks to start it back up again, and on, and on... And if you want to up the ante, hey that's acceptable too! So, come drunk, stay drunk, be tone deaf and rowdy!

Tapped out for cash? Got a huge pile of cd's (what're those?) laying around? Bring 'em in so we can sell them to Amoeba Records. Or maybe you have some of Gramma's gold costume jewelry? Glenny knows a gold dealer who will give us a fair price. Or just come out and regale in the good energy and positive thoughts! Just b/c you're too shy to get on stage doesn't mean you can't watch other people make an ass out of themselves!

The where:
Il Parata
2007 16th St (near Potrero)
San Francisco, Ca

The when:
March 19th (THIS THURSDAY!!!), sign up for songs starts at 9pm, so get there early to get a slot!
Bar until bar time.

The Who:
The most celebrated KJ ever, Mr. Glenny Kravitz!!!

I can't wait to see your shining, stumbling, smiling faces coming together for this most awesome and deserving girl!

Ooh, ooh! Can some one bring a recorder? That would be hilarious if we could play the karaoke songs in her honor back to her!"

Oakland Benefit:

Goat Man Dan is organizing a benefit March 28th @ Your House in Oakland.
They are planning an early afternoon outdoor barbecue and carnival atmosphere that will be moved inside as the sun goes down. If you would like to lend a hand, an act, or a fire performance, email him at: goatmandan@juno.com or call (510.289.7602)

Fog City Journal Pics of Gold Rush!

Cat Rauschuber passed this link along of never before seen Gold Rush photos. Enjoy!

Hollis Visiting Situation:

Hollis' visiting hours while she is in the ICU are:
Two people at a time.
10am-10pm on the even hour.
For a duration of a half an hour.

While she is in the shared room with others, she is not allowed flowers.
When she gets her own room, she will be allowed more freedoms, including more visitors at a time for longer.

Harrison is overseeing the visiting hours.
You can call him (please don't abuse the number)

At the Moment she is in E2 at the Stanford Hospital on campus.

KTVU news follow up of Hollis' arrival:


Tuesday is Raffle day at Amnesia:

Now we have Hollis under our thumbs, we can breathe a little. That doesn't mean we are giving up on our fundraising goal. It could all be gone in one quick flash. We are seeing through the efforts of our community to raise up a cushion for our Hollis to lay her head.

I met Franny at Gold Rush and she emailed me an updated list of the super spectacular prizes you can win with a raffle ticket. She has never met Hollis, but is friends of her friends. When she heard, her heart went out to her mother and she felt compelled to do something. This is an example of the awesome magnitude of the powers of compassion. Thanks Franny and everyone who donated.
Any questions? contact her:
she said:

I will be at Amnesia every Tuesday after 9pm to sell tickets until March 31st. I am looking for volunteers to take 10 tickets each to sell in the meantime.

Dark Garden Corsetry is selling tickets to the raffle. Thanks DG!!
Azure Salon will be selling raffle tickets for the east bay.
azurehairsalon.com - 510.601.6600
4315 Piedmont Avenue - Oakland
Mon-Fri 12-8 pm - Saturday 12-4 pm
Contact - Cindy Lopez

If you are out of state, I will mail your prize to you!!

The raffle will be held:
Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: The Bus Stop Gallery
Street: 135 Dore off Folsom between 9th and 10th
City/Town: San Francisco, CA
Phone: 408.202.0763

Hollis Raffle Prizes
$10.00 per raffle ticket

Thank you Burning Man Organization
* Haircut at Azure Salon: $60 value in Oakland www.azurehairsalon.com
(east bay raffle tickets outlet)
*Tcho Chocolate: Value $175.00 Thanks Holly for your personal donation
*Spa Day at Opals:Value $250.00
*Franny's massage, Aeion's psychic reading, great food. This may be augmented. stay tuned for updates.
*Bad Unkl Sista clothing design: Value $250-300 Oh sweet goddess!!
*Miranda Carorligne custom piece from her new offcut collection. $250-300 (see link below) Thank you Miranda:)
*2 pairs of tickets to ANY Goldenvoice concert @ the Regency Grand Ballroom
tinyurl.com/regencygrand Value $100.00-200.00 Courtesy Of Justin
*2 Tix for the next Bohemian Carnival: Value $40.00 Thanks Boe
*2 Tix for Gooferman Day April 1st( must be present to win this one)
I will have lived in the city for a year come celebrate my Franiversary!!
*A fantastic champagne: Krug Grand Cuvee. Krug is widely regarded as the best champagne house in existence and has a reputation for only the utmost in quality.
Courtesy Freddie Brooks-Sommelier
*8 Posters by Lee Harvey Roswell: Value $25.00 each
You are the sweetest!!
*Custom design Bustle by Circus Trunk (Brooke) You are goddess!! look her up in my friends
*Mani/Pedi at Cocoon Day Spa:Value $60.00
*Custom Knit Hat by Melissa Castaneda( one of the great Foos) Value ($30.00?)
*Dark Garden Certificate:Value $20.00 (using my credit)
*Custom Airbrush tan in Baton Rouge from Makeup Mary (more details later)This is one of several sisters who have always been supportive:)
*A lucky double-sided visor, hand made in San Francisco by E-STAR. Rolling Dice on one side and lucky horseshoes on the other. Value: $35.00
*Color Consultation By Miz Tint Interiors. Robin Hood
*2 hour trucking or a dump run by Coastside Construction Services-Todd Kahl- Owner/Operator Thanks Todd:)
*3 hours of weeding by Patty Kazz..contact info to com
*A highly fashionable and well made tie skirt: Lori Stein. Its so cute and will be custom fit to the winner!
*$50 Dumb Clothing gift certificate!!! Paula Fletcher
very sweet Paula:)
*A pair of Neo-Victorian cuffs- Adornments For Tarts- Choklit Chanteuse $86 value. Winner could choose the pair, she has 6 or so designs.
*Anon Salon is donating a deluxe package with admission and drinks. Thanks Spoon and Joe
*1 Kazoo

Monday, March 16, 2009

Austin Benefit:

Just received word from Anne Bonny about the Austin Benefit plans.
They are planning for the second week of April and are still looking for a venue that will fit all the offers of performers for the show. If you can help her out, email her at the address below.

Anne Bonny chickenmcfetus@gmail.com

Hey Eliza, I thought you would be interested in some updates on the Austin benefit for Hollis. I know she is coming home today!!! But I'm sure there will be years of medical bills for rehab and such so we are still gonna go head with the benefit. A friend Dominique offered up her back yard but I have gotten such a large response from people and performers it seems we will need a bigger venue. Someone offered up a warehouse space that holds 1000 people so I am looking into reserving a date for that."

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Press in Palo Alto:

Hospital awaits overseas coma victim

A Big Thanks to AMR:

Rick Lamark gets a big High Five for donating an ambulance to pick up Hollis from the airport tomorrow.
He and his crew from the San Mateo division of the American Medical Response will be picking up our lady and transporting her to the Stanford Hospital in the next 24 hours.
They will also be escorting her with a response vehicle too, so our lady has an entourage.

I will be asking the hospital about the visiting hours and regulations, as well as her room number so we can start scheduling visits with her.
I will post those here, so stay tuned for more information.

This is a remarkable moment in the face of adversity. I can't hide the fact that I feel empty from the lack of a thousand things to do. I feel a little empty from all the accomplishments we have achieved. After a big weekend of fundraisers and news and wads of cash and the fact that we have achieved our goal, to Help Hollis Home. Now it is the silence. She is in the air as I type.
What flowers should I get? What powersuit should I wear? What magical rocks do I put in my pocket to help me get through our re-introduction with warmth and a smile?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photos from Gold Rush:




And if knowing the new total didn't get your blood pumping folks,
I was going to wait until she was in the air to announce it. You know how these things can be more complicated than we would enjoy.
But her family's site has blown the the whistle on secrecy and announced her arrival, so You guys deserve to revel extra hard while it's still the weekend.
Thanks to a very large loan with interest and everything, Hollis' family was able to secure a flight while we are still in the fundraising state.
We will be giving all of the money we raise to her Mother. She has been paying the hospital bill everyday in India, and she will be taking care of the financial burden. Now we know that Stanford has offered their care, but we have to be real about the nature of her injury and the mystery it is shrouded. Brain stem controls the involuntary motor skill, like blinking and breathing. While she was still on the respirator, the future looked very grim to me. When she began to breath on her own again, it was a very good sign. We need to be real about the possibilities of her outcome. She could have a full recovery, or she could need assistance for the rest of her life. This money you have donated will be the safety net for her while she is considering waking up from the horrendous moment where everything changed for her.
And really, the fact that she is calibrating her eyes to both look in one direction, and that she is communicating through slight hand squeezes shows that she is regenerating. These things take time. I can only that our golden light we are lending her and Harrison will be the strength for the next step. And a better one.

Update-o rama:

Gold Rush!
First of all, a gigantic thank you to those of you who lent a hand, an art piece, a vocal chord, a dance number, a trunk full of stuff, makeup assistance etc. etc. Everyone in the hive who built the golden set, and filled it with honey. We really found a great team through this fundraiser. The venue was impressed by our teamwork, and the crowd got the epic slice of Hollis' friends and how wonderful they are. Yesterday I went to the bank with Karen and deposited the cash from the benefit which was.........................................$8,962.00! This is not the total of how much we brought in because of some donations made on the paypal station that was set up in the art gallery. I am not sure which ones are from the venue because they don't specify. That being said, the money in the paypal from the last two days is $5,000, making out total:
I know you have been waiting so I won't do as many of these~~~~~~~~~~~.
This is a truly astounding feat of friendship and networking.
AGAIN, this money is not counting the family's $30,00 they have raised.
We are on the precipice of breaking the five digit number. This amount is more than most people I know makes in a year or two. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts.
There is no Recession of Love!!

Benefit for Hollis tonight in SF:

Th'Mole is having a cd release show with knot tying workshops, musical chairs, djs, double dutch battles, and superheroe rappers. All proceeds are going to bring Hollis home. Come on out.
848 Divisadero.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Photos of Portland benefit:

Here's a link to 43 pages of photos from the Portland benefit:


The Hindu with an update:

The Hindu in India has been following Hollis' story. Here's an update:

We joke about it and then....

You joke about something and then, wham there's a poster campaign. HA!
Folks were bored on a rainy day in New Zealand.
Thank you Bloody Knuckles and Jonny Payphone!



They covered the benefit on the 10 o'clock news! Thanks KTVU!

The suspense...

I will tell you the total in a moment.
I know you all want it! Let me do some accounting.

Do Yoga for Hollis!
2pm, Saturday, March 14th, 2009
Bikram Yoga in the Mission - 2390 Mission Street at 20th Street, SF, CA 94110
Give from your heart - all proceeds go to help Hollis come home and get well!
Come share your energy with your community & do more than just raise a glass to your friend - send her some yogic love!

Friend, yogini, and kindred spirit Hollis Hawthorne needs your help!
How do we plan to give it to her? With yoga, of course!
Hollis went to India in search of a guru.... Let's show her that her gurus were here the whole time - right in her own backyard.

Hollis tried and practiced a variety of styles of yoga, including Bikram Yoga. In fact, she was an integral part of this studio when we were just getting things off the ground. I am confident that she would be honored to know that her friends were practicing yoga together and sharing our collective energy to give her some when she needs it the most.

Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute class that is suitable for anyone to practice - beginners are always welcome! Come hydrated and on an empty stomach. Wear clothing you are comfortable sweating in. Be prepared to challenge yourself and have fun.

This class will sell out! To sign up online, go to www.bikramyogainthemission.com
Questions? Please email Steve23 & Juicy Sanchez: info@missionyoga.com

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Everyone is buzzing around in the Bay Area Hive getting ready for:
GgOoLlD dRrUuSsHh!!!

BLING BLING: It's for you!! GOLD RUSH!!! tonight @ Slims Holla'4Hollis! Wear Gold. Share Gold! We are blinging her home! YAYYAH! 333 11th SF Starts early 8pm.

To buy tickets in advance:

I will announce the total again after today is over. You understand.

More country-wide fundraiser updates:

This is form Chicago. A burner named Absinthe.

"I heard about Hollis' accident from Clear and read about it on the
internet. I want to help get her home by donating 10% of profits from
my etsy store over the next month.
It's mostly girl stuff. But I'm going to try and get some guy stuff
up in the next week or so.

Featuring tribal clothing inspired by elf and fairy fashion as well as
by fashion in underground communities of artists and travelers.

Buying these clothes supports the sustainability ethic as well as
independant designers. Most materials used are either recycled or
organic fibers. Each fabric is personally selected through various
methods to ensure quality. It's awesome gear. Great for burners and
people interested in unique and handmade clothing.

For the next month 10% of profits will go to bringing Hollis home and
help with her medical costs. With the first $300 we'll throw a
fundraisder in Chicago , messge me through Elven Forest Creations if
you want to vounteer your help in any way."

I heard Evelina of Rat Patrol was thinking about cooking up a Save Hollis Stew.
Seek them out.

Also, we have many people from Oakland who have offered benefit show acts and venues.
We need someone who wants to organize something (ie. head HUB) so we can get the gracious offers for help moving in the right direction.
I have found, while trudging through this great sadness, that it helps to do something about it. I have heard this from many people and seen it shine through on the outreach.
It is a great experiment in mobilizing for the Greater Good.
And we are Good and getting Greater!!

Take a moment to thank yourself for being on this website and for giving out.
You make this a RAD World!

Gold Rush!! @ Slim's

Slim's, 333 11th St., SF
7:30pm, performance starts at 8pm, $20
Presale tix here: http://tickets.slims-sf.com/evinfo.php?eventid=32966

Hollis Hawthorne, the dancer, the doer, the maker, the muse who has touched so many people, is in a coma in India and NEEDS OUR HELP. The purpose of this fundraiser is to fly her home to the world-class donated care of Stanford University.

Extra Action Marching Band
The Derailleurs
Cheese Puffs
DJ Wojehowicz
Gilded Rooks
Melvin's Puppet Show
Conspiracy of Venus
Valerie Orth Band
One Fell Swoop
Jessie Roadkill
Panning for Gold
Hollis Kissing Booth
Live Auction with Chicken John
Silent Art Auction curated by Will Chase
Raffle for a pair of BURNING MAN TICKETS, Teatro Zinzanni Tickets, and more TBA!

Wear GOLD, our girls' s signature color, to beam light, love, and health from here to India. Bright and blingin' so she'll see it through the darkness!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gerlach Nevada Fundraiser:

Hello All,
Greetings from The Silver State.

We'd like to announce that we're having a Hollis fundraiser.. in GERLACH
FUCKIN' NEVADA!!!!?????!!!! Yup!
Saturday 3/21 at Joe's Gerlach Club. The bar opens at 3PM.

The festivities start around 7pm. We'll be bbq'ing tri-tip and other things,
having a prize raffle for a mystery Black Rock Tour with Farmer and Fstick
and for your listening pleasure The Newly Formed Gerlach All Stars will be
playing at 8pm!!! BRING YOUR BANJO!!!!

If you want to come and need a place to stay email Gary at
Ullas@yahoo.comor Fstick at
jonathan.g@gmail.com and we'll find you a place.

We'll see you out here!

Ottowa Canada event:

Just wanted to share the event listing, if you know any East Coast folks who
might be able to stop in:

Shakti fusion presents: pARTicipate!
A Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
Sunday, March 29th (though it may happen Friday 27th, I'm awaiting
7-10 at The Mercury Lounge, 56 Byward, Ottawa, Canada

Performers: Leslie, Shakti fusion bellydance, Francesca (Rockabilly
Burlesque) Dani LeBlanc, Safiya, Halyma, Joshua Tacoma, and more to come!

Admission at the door is on a sliding scale, $10 or more, whatever you can
afford to donate. *All funds generated from this event will be donated to
Hollis' family via the PayPal account they have set up.
For more information: leslie AT shaktifusion DOT ca
on facebook:

much love!
Tribal Fusion and Fire dance artist
Baladi tribal et danse du feu
Tel. 613.296.2810
Fax. 613.834.5434

Austin Looking to Organize:

from Anne Bonny <chickenmcfetus@gmail.com>

"Is there anyone in austin tx who would be intrested in having a hollis
fundraiser? I have some bands and performers in mind who would be down
to play. Anyone want to help organize/volunteer for this, get a hold of
me. email me for my number.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hollis Raffle:

My friend Franny is doing her own raffle for Hollis. She has never met her but has been touched by all of it and wanted to help out. Seems like there is a lot of that going around. Pass this info to anyone you might think that would like to participate. The prizes are awesome!
Franny Panny

will be going to Amnesia every Tuesday after 9pm until March 31st. I
will draw the tickets at 545 Connecticut St @ 20th from 7:30-9. On
April 1st

You need not be present to win for all prizes with the exception of the two tickets to Gooferman Day at the DNA lounge that evening.

First and foremost:
Hollis' story and non raffle donations online

$10.00 per raffle ticket

Prizes so far:


Tcho Chocolate: Value $175.00
Thanks Holly for your personal donation

Spa Day at Opals:Value
Franny's massage, Aeion's psychic reading, great food. This may be augmented. stay tuned for updates.

Miranda Carorligne custom piece from her new offcut collection. $250-300 (see link below)

4 Tix to be split into two raffle prizes to ANY show @ the Regency through Golden Boys.
Courtesy Of Justin

2 Tix for the next Bohemian Carnival: Value $40.00
Thanks Boe

2 Tix for Gooferman Day April 1st( must be present to win this one)
I will have lived in the city for a year come celebrate my Franiversary!!

A fantastic champagne: Krug Grand Cuvee. Krug is widely regarded as the best champagne house in existence and has a reputation for only the utmost in quality.
Courtesy Freddie Brooks-Sommelier

8 Posters by Lee Harvey Roswell: Value $25.00 each
You are the sweetest!!

Custom design Bustle by Circus Trunk (Brooke)
You are goddess!! look her up in my

Mani/Pedi at Cocoon Day Spa:Value $60.00

Custom Knit Hat by Melissa Castaneda( one of the great Foos) Value ($30.00?)

Dark Garden Certificate:Value $20.00 (using my credit)

Custom Airbrush tan in Baton Rouge from Makeup Mary (more details later)This is one of several sisters who have always been supportive:)

A lucky double-sided visor, hand made in San Francisco by E-STAR. Rolling Dice on one side and lucky horseshoes on the other. Value: $35.00

Color Consultation By MizTint Interiors www.dejanvier.org/miztint/
Robin Hood

1 Kazoo

Money update-o-rama:

I haven't had my coffee yet, so I won't be able to insert flowery language about how there is not Recession of Love. I'll just cut to the chase.


Ok. coffee time.
Well, I gues I could say something about how I received word that there is a benefit getting rolling in Minneapolis. Hopefully the Derailleurs can get out there for Bike!Bike! this year. Here is what she said:

I'd love to send a check, I'd also like to tell you we're working on a benefit in mpls. more to come soon...I don't know hollis but as a yoga teaching bike riding india loving music freak she's my friend. Tell her even folks who don't know her are rallying.

Monday, March 9, 2009

From New York: Hearts Smash Borders

Olivia wrote today to give us an update on the New York Benefit.
Thanks Olivia!

just a note to say --

-- big ups to all the connectors, performers, musicians, DJs, VJs, surprise appearances, friends, loving strangers, out-of-towners, bakers, servers, cleaners, healers, helpers, artists, sound technicians, word-spreaders, fantasy providers, trapeze swingers, donation-givers and of course the House of Yes yes yes...

I wanted to let you know that the fundraiser was amazing. Everyone was very moved and the music was so good and the energy was incredibly positive. We had the remote healing circle which turned into a song that everyone in the whole venue was creating live with instruments, noisemakers, banging on the walls, and every other audible and other way to summon and send energy. all with hollis projected on the walls 20 feet tall! there were surprise guest appearances of performance art, trapeze, and a number of other very creative fundraising gimmicks..
we will edit the footage and send it asap.

* * * we raised a total of $2,135 in the rusty emergency aid kit cash box plus another hundred fifty or so still being collected from the auction and an additional $500 direct deposit !!! * * * bringing us damn close to 3 g in a few hours (and only 3 days of planning).. not bad for a room full of starry-eyed [broke] new yorkers.


Attention all world travelers:
Many of you have pledged your frequent flyer miles to the cause, and we may be able to use them.
We are looking into a flight on Air France.
If you are able to transfer FFM from __________to Harrison or Hollis, then we could use your help.
Please email me or contact Harrison if you have his details.
elizastrack (at) gmail (dot) com

Editor's note:
Air France isn't working out, but I am not sure what airline we might use, so I am not going to discount the FFM idea, we just don't know which airline.
I will keep you posted.

Love has eyes...

   So does Hollis.  She'll show 'em to you when she's back in the bay. Both of her beautiful brown eyes.  They're having a little trouble syncing up but her right is definitely looking at us, and the left is doing stuff.  To the point that she even seems to get a slightly warmer expression when you get up in her face and smile and tell her you love her so much, and kiss her on the cheek.  When you kiss her like it were gonna wake up the sleeping beauty that she is.   Her mom and I did this at the same time on either cheek when we said goodbye today. It was downright heartwarming.
  She did two other amazing things.  The first was that her mouth, (once slack jawed and drooling) has been regaining it's grace but at first was slightly open. I pushed it closed.  She then responded by chewing three or four times!  I almost jumped.  Diane (mom) didn't see it, so I went to try it again. All of her reactions have been so sporadic we didn't expect any miraculous repeat performance, but she did it every time.   She is responding, she is relearning how to swallow and chew and blink and...  Now for the second big one... I obviously have been holding fast to her hand throughout and in the beginning when she was  fighting for her life she was squeezing my hand so hard that I had to clip her nails cause I thought she was going to draw blood.  They have since gone limp.  But it is amazing to me how well the human hand fits in another hand whether it's gripping or not.  Like we were meant to... well you get it.  Today I grabbed hold and was shocked almost electrically to feel something clasping back.  It was ever so slight but it wasn't like it flinched and it happened twice.  She gripped... let go... and then gripped again and then slowly let go again. Nothing strong but it was there.  Amazing.
  So tomorrow the two doctors who will potentially be accompanying her back home are supposed to have a meeting to talk to the Visa people but it looks like that may not happen because they are only allowed to pay with 'a money order from HDFC' and that's it. HDFC closed  at 3 instead of 5 today and they were in the emergency room.  Her head doctor put in a call to his good friend who is the head of an HDFC bank but he said there was nothing he could do. Only that there is an Islamic holiday tomorrow and so tomorrow also, all the banks are closed.  Bureaucratic bull at every turn with paper work in India but maybe the consulate will get it together.
   She is getting transferred to her new room tonight with a cot, a chair, a TV, a marble bathroom and a microwave (the first I've seen in India, everything else is mostly cooked over hot coals or on dried cow patties).  I can finally play songs for her on the guitar and we can spend as much time with her as we want. We also debuted some new big ol headphones that go around her ears  and block out other sound so she can focus on the music.  Hollis is listening to a lot of Dark Dark Dark of course, Jolie Holland, Bon Iver (sent in to musicforhollis@gmail.com), Otis Redding, A Silver Mount Zion and a recording Josh sent in of some little kid and his dad singing an awesome song in the street in Tibet.  She (her beautiful brown eyes) like Dark Dark Dark the best. I think they might have magic powers.

Healing By Email:


This link was forwarded through the DPW list. Thanks.

Two weeks ago I might have discounted this article, but seeing the events that transpired, I can't help but wonder about the possibility of healing through email. I just received an email from Cameroon, Africa saying that some Peace Corps officers heard of the story and will have their son send a check for them. And right before that I got a donation from Vancouver B.C. from member of a bicycle dance team up there, The Brakes, who held a benefit brunch. They said that most of the people there only knew Hollis third hand. Then I get word that Austin, Gerlach, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Ottowa are all hosting benefits in the next few weeks. I also received an open letter to the yoga community. It was a call to mobilize city and country wide Yoga Benefits to aide Hollis. Have you ever heard of a Yoga Benefit? My mind is blown.
The article above brings up the idea that healing by email is possible because of the intention sent with it. I can particularly attest to this because I have read all ten thousand emails this week that have been sealed with a healing kiss. Most of the salutations are towards Hollis, but many include a pray of light to the columns supporting her. I feel connected to Hollis, and I try to send each screen shot to her in our own subconscious language. If healing by email is possible, even if Hollis doesn't get to see every single email that wishes her well, there is some substance to these desires. I must say the side effect also heals the community. It is beneficial for a person to feel the sensation of loving, and especially loving without limits. It is important for us to know how to give love. And by getting familiar with the value of your thoughts you send out, you know the benefits of receiving healing thoughts. We are activating our conscious networks, and I am very excited to see the outcomes. Ok, this is the end of the "New Agey" post. Just think it about it.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


If you are not comfortable donating on paypal, Harrison's mom and I set up a joint bank account and we can deposit the checks directly into the bank account.
Email me for the details: elizastrack (at) gmail (dot) com.

I have a meeting on monday with a non-profit organization to get sponsorship. If this happens, we can offer tax-deductible donation options shortly.

I have a whole novel of things to write about the community share we are creating for Hollis, but I need to write up an email/press release/ official "big money" request letter. So look for the monetary description post to be coming shortly.
This venture that 1500 of you have contributed to will be visible and well explained, so that you can be sure that your thoughtful donations are really being put towards the quickest, safest recovery for Hollis.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small steps... so you want the details huh?!?...

  She's off oxygen. Did you hear that? SHES COMPLETELY OFF OF OXYGEN!!! THEY ARE GOING TO MOVE HER OUT OF INTENSIVE CARE TOMORROW!!! She will have her own room and new surroundings to peek around in with her right eye.  The doctor is requesting a room with natural light, she's leaving the frosted glass fluorescent cubicles behind I say!!  So I did some research on reflexology and learned that everything brain and headwise is connected to the big toes.  I have been squeezing the living daylights out of her still manicured big guys and today as I grabbed ahold of one and went to reach for the other... she moved her foot. 
  We woke up early and rushed straight to talk to her head doctor, Dr. Balamurugan a suave sweetheart of a professional man. He informed us of the change and also that her right eye is definitely opening and no longer solely to pain.  Her oxygen saturation is staying at 98-100% despite the change and her lungs are improving greatly. She is accepting food through a tube in her nose, although they are still giving her milk despite her allergy (they don't have ricemilk but they sure do in California!!). Her mild sinus infection, external ear skin infection and abrasions  are getting better.  The crazy swelling in her left hand and arm and gnarly contusion bruise have finally started to head for the hills. Her arm is still however in a sling from her fracture on her left scapula.  Also the infection in her tracheotomy is improved and responding well to anti-biotics.  Her mouth moved or flinched when I was playing 'the Microphones' for her and singing along.  Me and mom told her all about the wildness planned for the upcoming benefits so you'd all better deliver.  
  Also at the meeting we met with two doctors from here at Apollo to discuss accompanying her through transport back to Stanford.  It may work out that we'll have to buy a section of a commercial plane for everyone and all the gear and her on a stretcher but nothing is set up yet.  This is surely a coordination nightmare with airlines and airports and ambulances and government and visas and passports etc.. Things however are obviously looking up. We may even make it home in time for my birthday on the 21st of March.  That would be the be  the best birthday present I could ever get. Thank you, Thank you.

"The things you do for love will last."

I saw this written beautifully on a moonlit wall, from a rickshaw a few nights ago.  It was followed by the devanagari script saying the same.  It could be written in every language and hold the same weight and truth.  I knew that this was a message to everyone who has been supporting her (and me, too!).  Not only are we getting her back to Stanford, but to an adoring community that has rallied around the world to show their best.  Well friends, your best is shining.  It's shining like a kings treasure, it's shining like it does just before sunset, the golden hour.  Like the sun, it's spreading and covering everything including Hollis as she approaches the golden hour to shine, on her way back home.
   There are so many questions yet to be answered and so many fears to still be conquered.  Personal, physical, tangible and otherwise, but together, we will face them.  Her mother will fly back and transfer guardianship and primary caretaker duties to me, but she (through skype, from Tennessee) and everyone else will be at my side.  I feel it you guys.  It's a "through thick and through thin"; "come rain, sleet or snow"; "rollercoaster that's this life that we lead", attitude as a community.  This has proved so strongly, that it's not just a bike dance or San Franciscan community, nor even a national community. It's a whole friggin worlds worth of caring people.  This is the stuff peace is made of.  Sorry to hippy dippy on you but it true. The way in which the people ALL over India, friends in Portland, New York, New Orleans, all over the south, Los Angeles, Cairo, London, Berlin... (the list goes on) have come together to do what they can... whatever they can, is disarming. May her story spread and may this kind of love and support be contagious.  
   She is getting better all the time.  It's now into debate time as to what her right eye is looking at and if it's really fully opening and what it's opening for.  This may not be a doctors report but I swear to you there is something in her that is looking around.  She just feels more responsive.  She becomes more active when we're around.  She's swallowing more and yawning (you don't yawn in your sleep).  She's not biting her tongue like she were in a seizure.  She's ready for some California air.  We are working to make this happen and as she gets better it is looking better and better for a quick return. We are close. Nothing is final, but things are happening... because of you.  All of you. Have the most fun you ever had at these coming benefits. For her and for yours truly, party animal extraordinaire.  

p.s. if you want to send me music for her to put on the MP3 player my new friends Shweta and Dharmesh are letting me borrow until we leave India... Send songs to: musicforhollis@gmail.com or post them here:  FRIENDSOFHOLLIS.COM and go to the message board...

Photos of Hollis by Alicia Sangiuliano

This is my picture story. I wanted to put something on the top that wasn't about money. The last few days have been about money, but now I am back to thinking about my lost lady, and how good it will feel if I find her.
All these pictures were donated to us by Alicia Sangiuliano.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dragon Match: Success!

Thank you to all who donated towards Mr. Dragon's Match Drive.
All in all we had 38 people donate sums toward his generous pledge to match any money donated between 10:30 am and 6pm tonight up to $3,000
The polls have closed, with two donations slipping in right at 6:00.
The official tally was:
We surpassed our goal, the temperature gauge is through the ceiling!
It's getting hot in here with all this fire!
Mr. Dragon will put his money where his fiery mouth is today!!

The suspense....

Holy Holly!
I am not a betting woman, but I can guess we might break the big 7 tonight.
That means we are nearing the halfway point.
The next seven days we will see four benefits happen.
This is so astounding!

THANK YOU to all donating without knowing Hollis.

With your spirit leading her home, she will have some new folks to meet.
She went to India to find a Yoga Guru, and we can't help but show her her gurus were right here the whole time.
Thank you to the moon and back!

Dragon Match!

Chicken John wrote this on Laughing Squid today:

“This just in, if you give today before 6:00, a donor known only as Mr. Dragon will match your donation… up to $3,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Please put “Dragon match” in your donation note field… Thank you, Mr. Dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please add your donations to the comments, so we can keep track. At this rate, Hollis will be home for dinner on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Just In:

New website for easier flow of information sharing:


1. To write on the forum, subscribe to the google group.
---->You DO NOT have to have a gmail to sign up<---
---->You DO NOT have to get a million emails, check the settings guide<-----------
2. We need more pictures for the Images section
Hope this helps ease your current issues with the commenting and information sharing.

AND....... I assume that some of the 95 people currently on the site, and the 2,186 people who have looked at it today and probably donated a little to our golden girl WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE TOTAL!!!???!!
Am I right? DRUMROLL............. $65,000!!!!
Can you believe it folks?
Our goal of $200,000 is getting to a more manageable place.

And there are REALY GREAT UPDATES FROM THE HOSPITAL!!! I am just waiting to hear if from the source before I post it.
HHmm...It seems that Love and Light were deemed "hippy" and went underground for the 80's and 90's, but are now making a comeback as western science and eastern medicine have connected together to form a circle. People who would never want to be classified as "New Age" or "religious" are uttering the L-words left and right. Way to go, RAD WORLD, feeling it in public is the first step to our new renaissance.

SF FUNdraiser

Gold Rush: A Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
The Derailleurs
Cheese Puffs
Jesse Roadkill
One Feell Swoop
Art Auction by Will Chase

Thursday March 12
Doors at 7:30
Show at 8pm
333 11th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Hollis Hawthorne, the dancer, the doer, the maker, the muse who has touched so many people, is in a coma in India and NEEDS OUR HELP. The purpose of this fundraiser is to fly her home to the world-class donated care of Stanford University.

This event is GOLD themed, Hollis' signature color. Everyone is urged to wear gold!

For more information, go to http://www.slims-sf.com or (facebook website to be given shortly) or http://friendsofhollis.blogspot.com

I'm sure your curious:

new total is:
The Hindu , India's national news center did a story to propel our cause to the winds.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

From Trinity Cross of Field Day Wearables

I just posted a bunch of new Field Day Wearables on my etsy site
All march sales will go to getting Hollis back to us so we can get her the best medical care available.
Also,she will be auctioning the dress she shore:

This ABFAB photo was taken by Kyle Hailey

Bending steel with our bare hands...

As we flex our might, so does she. Biceps like redwoods. I think the redwood is Stanfords mascot!! Also, Stanford was founded as a memorial to the son of a late 1800's railroad man turned governor of California. His son died travelling internationally. Their motto is 'the wind of freedom blows'. Point being. I looked up Stanford. Why? Because I will soon be there. Why? Because of you. As she is healing, so am I. Now able to look at the beautiful photos from our trip:

"Let's take a portrait from the beginning of our trip!"she said.

"I want to take a portrait of you with your lotus flower, you look like a princess." I said.
(she took one of me too in front of this SF, dressed in gold of course)
So there's a couple thousand words worth. Keep it up team it's ALL working...
p.s. lemme know if I get too personal. I almost posted a gorgeous photo of her in her hospital bed. Her head is surrounded in gauze and she looks like shes sleeping on a cloud. So theres the mental image atleast. Sent it to my mom and she said to keep it sacred for myself. Email me if you want to see it.

Harrison Update-o-rama: Good News!

Just got off the phone with Harrison with an amazing update.
He said they have COMPLETELY taken her off the respirator and she is breathing by herself 24 breaths/minute.
They took out the venus monitor that went down her throat and directly into her heart to measure the pressure. Her heart rate is about 100bpm with great pressure.
They took the stitches out of her left ear and it looks great. He said it looks like she had some sort of piercing, but it's not freaky like his post about the accident might imply. He said her color is returning and the swelling in her face has gone. She is starting to have her body back for herself. I am sure she is happy about that.
The doctors say if she continues on this path, she is on a quick recovery route. If she continues to improve then she might be able to take a commercial flight to Stanford. That being said, with brain injuries, it is always a mystery how long and how people recover.

He also wanted to clarify:
The Times of India article denoted that the family was not satisfied with the hospital care in India. This applied to previous hospitals. APOLLO HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and they are going to try to convey that tomorrow when they have another interview with another newspaper.

Keep her in your thoughts. Go to a benefit. Donate something to the silent auctions. Take a yoga class at Mission Yoga or The Caretaker's. We're bringin' Hollis Back. YOU are helping.

About that.
(ooh! me! Mee too! Over here, I want to know!)


Our goal is $200,000

->A special thank you to the millionth power to all 836 people who hooked a sister up<-

Let's just put this into perspective:
Yesterday, when I began accounting the day's total, it was $17, 500. The day before that we were at $4,500. I am now going to sleep knowing that the money more than doubles each day because of how many people are letting their friends know about the situation. This is a true testimonial to the power of the interweb and the new age of information.

New York FUNdraiser: Sat. March 7th

The Heart Knows No Borders! A Benefit for Hollis
Saturday March 7th at 8 pm
House of Yes
342 Maujer Street, Brooklyn
L to Grand

Music by Advaita Vera, Amanda Salane, The Yes Way, Jubel Jenkins
& DJ Arrow Chrome
Projections by Glass Bead Collective & Derailleurs Footage
Remote Healing Circle. Miss Hope. Holler for Hollis. Fancy Art Auction.