Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who say's dancin don't help?

Oh, so I'm a bad singer, huh? *shakes a fist at dear eliza* Hello troops! Alexi here. I just want to reiterate that Saturday's shin-dig for Hollis was soopa righteous, and every morsel of food, note, lit candle, and dollar is helped. I felt the rain down in Africa, for sure. Also, all those regionals and other local leaders from the Burin dude leadership summit made me cry-with-graditude. They raised $495 dollars (thats about $5 each) and most of these lovely, beautiful people don't even know her but are touched by those of us that do. So please, please send her story on to people who might also be touched to help.
Love and Hollis,

The photo above is of the money that was collected in my lil hat at the regional conference. BIG UP!!

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  1. *High Five*
    So Much Love,Lexi

    Burning Dude people aint so bad, eh? : )