Thursday, March 5, 2009

Harrison Update-o-rama: Good News!

Just got off the phone with Harrison with an amazing update.
He said they have COMPLETELY taken her off the respirator and she is breathing by herself 24 breaths/minute.
They took out the venus monitor that went down her throat and directly into her heart to measure the pressure. Her heart rate is about 100bpm with great pressure.
They took the stitches out of her left ear and it looks great. He said it looks like she had some sort of piercing, but it's not freaky like his post about the accident might imply. He said her color is returning and the swelling in her face has gone. She is starting to have her body back for herself. I am sure she is happy about that.
The doctors say if she continues on this path, she is on a quick recovery route. If she continues to improve then she might be able to take a commercial flight to Stanford. That being said, with brain injuries, it is always a mystery how long and how people recover.

He also wanted to clarify:
The Times of India article denoted that the family was not satisfied with the hospital care in India. This applied to previous hospitals. APOLLO HAS BEEN ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and they are going to try to convey that tomorrow when they have another interview with another newspaper.

Keep her in your thoughts. Go to a benefit. Donate something to the silent auctions. Take a yoga class at Mission Yoga or The Caretaker's. We're bringin' Hollis Back. YOU are helping.

About that.
(ooh! me! Mee too! Over here, I want to know!)


Our goal is $200,000

->A special thank you to the millionth power to all 836 people who hooked a sister up<-

Let's just put this into perspective:
Yesterday, when I began accounting the day's total, it was $17, 500. The day before that we were at $4,500. I am now going to sleep knowing that the money more than doubles each day because of how many people are letting their friends know about the situation. This is a true testimonial to the power of the interweb and the new age of information.


  1. I don't know ya'll, but I put the appeal on my FB and dropped a little in the paypal bucket. I hope you can raise the money for her. Good Luck.

    Keep going everybody!
    There's someone you have forgotten to call.
    Check your address books!
    Start hitting up business owners for donations.
    Cool donations=cool dollars for Hollis through raffles at upcoming fundraisers.
    A case of wine, a Burning Man ticket, a custom made freak bike....
    Keep shaking folks down.
    It's working.
    We're bringing Hollis home!!

  3. Hey, also just for medical accuracy sake and more so because this procedure was facinating. The 'central line' that measures her venus signs (the pressure of her heart and blood as accurately as possible) is inserted into her jugular vein and they measure, externally, to the exact location of her left atrium where the tip of the tube is pushed and then they take an X-ray to make sure they got it. They said they hit it precisely, first try. Crazy.

  4. And this is the best way to hydrate a person. They put water straight into her heart through this tube. Science. Whoa.

  5. O holy divinity, this is tremendous news. Hi, I'm Suzanna, one of your less-than-6-degrees connections out here in the world of "bunches of people helping in a crisis." Just want you to know I am posting on my Examiner column as well as my blog, and engaging all my lists to keep the exponential machine growing for Hollis. There is no higher use for this digital media than to quickly organize around a critical need. Please send any extra info you think will help the Readership At Large to understand they need to take action, and I'll push it along the circulatory system of the Internet.
    Yours in friendship,
    Suzanna Stinnett

  6. Hey guys, I don't know Hollis but I was totally moved by her story and by the amazing courage and love of her friends and family. I threw a couple bucks y'alls way, dedicated my yoga practice to her this morning, and will keep thinking good thoughts. The sun just came out in Portland, so all things are possible!

  7. I only wish i could give more and i wish her all the best.

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