Friday, March 6, 2009

This Just In:

New website for easier flow of information sharing:


1. To write on the forum, subscribe to the google group.
---->You DO NOT have to have a gmail to sign up<---
---->You DO NOT have to get a million emails, check the settings guide<-----------
2. We need more pictures for the Images section
Hope this helps ease your current issues with the commenting and information sharing.

AND....... I assume that some of the 95 people currently on the site, and the 2,186 people who have looked at it today and probably donated a little to our golden girl WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE TOTAL!!!???!!
Am I right? DRUMROLL............. $65,000!!!!
Can you believe it folks?
Our goal of $200,000 is getting to a more manageable place.

And there are REALY GREAT UPDATES FROM THE HOSPITAL!!! I am just waiting to hear if from the source before I post it.
HHmm...It seems that Love and Light were deemed "hippy" and went underground for the 80's and 90's, but are now making a comeback as western science and eastern medicine have connected together to form a circle. People who would never want to be classified as "New Age" or "religious" are uttering the L-words left and right. Way to go, RAD WORLD, feeling it in public is the first step to our new renaissance.

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