Thursday, March 12, 2009


Everyone is buzzing around in the Bay Area Hive getting ready for:
GgOoLlD dRrUuSsHh!!!

BLING BLING: It's for you!! GOLD RUSH!!! tonight @ Slims Holla'4Hollis! Wear Gold. Share Gold! We are blinging her home! YAYYAH! 333 11th SF Starts early 8pm.

To buy tickets in advance:

I will announce the total again after today is over. You understand.

More country-wide fundraiser updates:

This is form Chicago. A burner named Absinthe.

"I heard about Hollis' accident from Clear and read about it on the
internet. I want to help get her home by donating 10% of profits from
my etsy store over the next month.
It's mostly girl stuff. But I'm going to try and get some guy stuff
up in the next week or so.

Featuring tribal clothing inspired by elf and fairy fashion as well as
by fashion in underground communities of artists and travelers.

Buying these clothes supports the sustainability ethic as well as
independant designers. Most materials used are either recycled or
organic fibers. Each fabric is personally selected through various
methods to ensure quality. It's awesome gear. Great for burners and
people interested in unique and handmade clothing.

For the next month 10% of profits will go to bringing Hollis home and
help with her medical costs. With the first $300 we'll throw a
fundraisder in Chicago , messge me through Elven Forest Creations if
you want to vounteer your help in any way."

I heard Evelina of Rat Patrol was thinking about cooking up a Save Hollis Stew.
Seek them out.

Also, we have many people from Oakland who have offered benefit show acts and venues.
We need someone who wants to organize something (ie. head HUB) so we can get the gracious offers for help moving in the right direction.
I have found, while trudging through this great sadness, that it helps to do something about it. I have heard this from many people and seen it shine through on the outreach.
It is a great experiment in mobilizing for the Greater Good.
And we are Good and getting Greater!!

Take a moment to thank yourself for being on this website and for giving out.
You make this a RAD World!


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