Saturday, March 7, 2009

"The things you do for love will last."

I saw this written beautifully on a moonlit wall, from a rickshaw a few nights ago.  It was followed by the devanagari script saying the same.  It could be written in every language and hold the same weight and truth.  I knew that this was a message to everyone who has been supporting her (and me, too!).  Not only are we getting her back to Stanford, but to an adoring community that has rallied around the world to show their best.  Well friends, your best is shining.  It's shining like a kings treasure, it's shining like it does just before sunset, the golden hour.  Like the sun, it's spreading and covering everything including Hollis as she approaches the golden hour to shine, on her way back home.
   There are so many questions yet to be answered and so many fears to still be conquered.  Personal, physical, tangible and otherwise, but together, we will face them.  Her mother will fly back and transfer guardianship and primary caretaker duties to me, but she (through skype, from Tennessee) and everyone else will be at my side.  I feel it you guys.  It's a "through thick and through thin"; "come rain, sleet or snow"; "rollercoaster that's this life that we lead", attitude as a community.  This has proved so strongly, that it's not just a bike dance or San Franciscan community, nor even a national community. It's a whole friggin worlds worth of caring people.  This is the stuff peace is made of.  Sorry to hippy dippy on you but it true. The way in which the people ALL over India, friends in Portland, New York, New Orleans, all over the south, Los Angeles, Cairo, London, Berlin... (the list goes on) have come together to do what they can... whatever they can, is disarming. May her story spread and may this kind of love and support be contagious.  
   She is getting better all the time.  It's now into debate time as to what her right eye is looking at and if it's really fully opening and what it's opening for.  This may not be a doctors report but I swear to you there is something in her that is looking around.  She just feels more responsive.  She becomes more active when we're around.  She's swallowing more and yawning (you don't yawn in your sleep).  She's not biting her tongue like she were in a seizure.  She's ready for some California air.  We are working to make this happen and as she gets better it is looking better and better for a quick return. We are close. Nothing is final, but things are happening... because of you.  All of you. Have the most fun you ever had at these coming benefits. For her and for yours truly, party animal extraordinaire.  

p.s. if you want to send me music for her to put on the MP3 player my new friends Shweta and Dharmesh are letting me borrow until we leave India... Send songs to: or post them here:  FRIENDSOFHOLLIS.COM and go to the message board...


  1. Hello. This is the Burner who was run over by a train in 07. I am amazed by the strangers who cared. I don't know what else to say about it. It's overwhelming to see this happen to someone else. I don't know if Hollis will ever need to talk to someone who went through the same thing; I don't know if I have any wisdom to pass on to her, but please let her know that she can contact me if she chooses.
    And to those doing the heavy lifting, here and in India, thank you.

  2. What Hollis proved to us is that even in a piss poor economy we can band together and make sacrifices, even if government and corporations have already stripped us of everything we had. What some of us might say in supporting Hollis, whether we know her or not, is that we love her, we love artists and we are inspired by a person of such energy and innovation, and it's people such as Hollis who are the true "bailouts" because they guide us into hope and creativity.

  3. Hey Harrison! For ease of anyone looking for complete, up to the second information on what's happening - to post, ask questions on how to help, or simply *anything*, on one easy to find forum, I created a Hollis Topic on my magazine: - click on "Forum" on the left, sign up (super quick & easy) and talk about ANYTHING related to Hollis and what is happening - I would appreciate if you let everyone know about it, and please make use of it as well if you wish!

    Much love to you and your amazing strength through such insanity, my (yet unmet) friend. I hope that you're doing as well as you can be, and expect to see you around here SOON! - Forum (and enjoy the mag while you're there as well!)

  4. Hey Harrison

    pleased to help.

    Your love is inspiring and reassuring to all of us.

    I've never met you or Hollis: but it makes me smile to see someone so utterly themselves as she so clearly is. That's real strength. You can't keep it down for long. She must be having the hardest and weirdest journey back to you. You guys'll have mad stories to tell each other some day soon.

    Most magical wellwishing and great great respect.