Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fundraiser Table: Where do you fit in?

This is a list that will be filled out more as info comes in.
It is a brainstorm map. Nothing is set in stone. I am just plugging people in where they said they could help out and maybe we can make something of it. If I left you out, let me know. These last few days have been a big blur.

A.East Bay and San Francisco
_1. venues
__a.Flux (EB) large venue
__b. Your House (EB)
__c.. Joe Lewis' (SF) small venue
_2. acts
____*Joe Lewis *Brian Peterson *Cyclecide Ride *Cheese Puffs *Derailleurs *Moshe Kahser
_3. sound/lighting
____*Big Daddy
_4. promotions
__a. DPW list
__b. glossy fliers for a big show in a month or so to make it worth it. 5,000 for $150 *Xian
__c. internet
____*Jessie Woletz
__d. Paper listings
_5. Silent Auction Items
_6. volunteers/bartenders/door people/security
____*Robin Hood *Molly Freedenberg *Brandon Heartworm * Wick * Tulaa *Zoe Bott

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