Friday, March 20, 2009

Shout it from the rooftops!

We officially jumped into six figure digits yesterday.
We have raised $100,000!!!!
Wo-OH were halfway theeere. WoooaOH livin' on a prayer!!!
Take my hand and we'll make it I swear. WOOOoh! Livin' on a prayeyair!

Keep up those plans for fundraisers.

Miranda Rugburn and Glenny Kravitz for their work organizing the Karaoke benefit last night.
It was brutal! I have never heard of anyone paying $20 to stop the national anthem. Four times!
We raised $592 of pure insultory money.
From DA Tinio:
"daMongolian donated 20$ yesterday online for me to sing American Pie... so I guess we cleared $600.
If memory serves American Pie took in $114
Star Spangled Banner took in $80 (short song!)
Under The Board Walk $60
Not that the numbers matter but it's kind of funny to see

I forgot to mention Jonah Th' Mole's Amusement Extravaganza last week. What a hoot that was! SPAZ brought their ginormous speakers and there was musical chairs, a cake walk, a knot tying workshop, and a station to build super glued mutants out of little action figures. MC Subzero Permafrost did a great live show to Vankmen's dance music. Th'Mole is my new favorite rapper. His show was awesome! He did a live music beatmatcher with Heartworm. Big fun time!
He donated $598 towards Hollis' medical expenses. Thank you thank you thank you!

editor's note:
I did some incorrect reporting about costs. I need to double reiterate that we are very thankful of Stanford gracious gift to Hollis and her care. Nothing has changed and I will report when/if it does. I am just trying to be informative and sometimes I am wrong.

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