Monday, March 16, 2009

Austin Benefit:

Just received word from Anne Bonny about the Austin Benefit plans.
They are planning for the second week of April and are still looking for a venue that will fit all the offers of performers for the show. If you can help her out, email her at the address below.

Anne Bonny

Hey Eliza, I thought you would be interested in some updates on the Austin benefit for Hollis. I know she is coming home today!!! But I'm sure there will be years of medical bills for rehab and such so we are still gonna go head with the benefit. A friend Dominique offered up her back yard but I have gotten such a large response from people and performers it seems we will need a bigger venue. Someone offered up a warehouse space that holds 1000 people so I am looking into reserving a date for that."


  1. Hey! I just might have the perfect place to direct you to - it's called The Enchanted Forest, and is literally a 3 acre forest in the middle of Austin, with some of the best people I've ever met living there. (It's a privately owned property - I was there volunteering after Hurricane Katrina when they turned it into an evacuee camp.
    Here's there website: - unfortunately I don't have direct contact for Albert (the owner, AMAZING, Beautiful person) currently handy, but you can contact them from the site I'm sure. (Sorry I'm making you do all the work, it's a busy day for me!)

    Please tell them kSea sent you, and give them all huge hugs from me. Let them know I'll be seeing them soon, as well!

    ~ kSea