Friday, March 20, 2009

Raffle Prizes Added:

Now you can purchase tickets to the most amazing raffle drawing at two locations, Dark Garden Corsets in Sf and Azure Studios in Oakland.
(see this post: )
The prizes are so amazing!! I totally bought a ticket last night at Il Pirata! There are many many prizes and they are all worth a lot of money. Talk about a good deal. There are also individuals carrying around raffle tickets for your purchsing power. Find Franny or Robin hood if you know those ladies.

For the record, you CANNOT buy tickets through the paypal here. Please don't try.
You CAN donate for Hollis' medical fund through the paypal here. Please do try.

This is the latest addition:

You and 2 or your friends for a day of sailing on beautiful San Francisco Bay.
Scoop up you and your friends up in SF or your choice of local harbor.
Have lunch in the lee of Angel Island or on the island for some bocce or frisbee golf.


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  1. Is there a way to purchase raffle tickets from out of state?