Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tools for rehabilitation:

Hello team.
Thanks for getting Hollis home. We did it. Now is the time to go visit her.
If you'll notice I changed the Visiting terms on the side. It's pretty relaxed now and you are encouraged to take the trip.
She has been responding to groups very well lately. According to Harrison, the other day there were a few people in her room and Ocean was reading to her from a book with very beautiful pictures. She was following the story, and looking around the room at each individual person. On the page, she would point out different pictures. Ocean would take long dramatic pauses in order for Hollis to take it all in and respond. She also squeezed a hand on command. This is very exciting.

We are encouraged to bring more intellectually stimulating material. After all, she is at an Ivy League Hospital and we would accept nothing less. Harrison said he was told that reading material is good because she is aware on some level and that will bring her back to a refined congniscence. Bring your latest term paper to read. Maybe you don't have to do the dramatic pauses or maybe you feel like its good for her to really soak in a concept. But don't treat her like a baby. She is not and will get mad if we do. Let's bring her out of this coma with theories, music, books, and stimulating concepts. Let's enable her with the belief that she will recover and her mind will too.
And come visit. Stanford is a beautiful place. Did I mention how thankful we are to them for their support of our collective goal of rehabilitating Hollis?


  1. That's awesome! Are you saying Hollis was herself pointing out pictures and gave a hand squeeze on command? That's huge!

    I have been thinking about going to see her at some point, but Hollis doesn't know me and I feel a bit shy about showing up as a complete stranger. I am just another citizen of Black Rock who has been following this story, sending what I can in thought, prayer, and a little cash. I thought I would wait until she was settled in and her main body of friends and family had time to revel in her return home. I'm encouraged that visitors and groups and reading and interaction seem to be what is called for here. And I am reminded that there wouldn't be much point in being part of a community that could not manifest outside the border of town (i.e., edge of playa).

  2. I personally grew up with Holli and am having a very hard time with this, but have found an abundance of glory in the LORD, Jesus Christ, and His healing power in her life, and the answers to most of our prayers, don't be shy, this is our only life, our only gift, not to be taken lightly, tho we do on a daily basis! I am humbled.... no matter what I wish the best recovery for Hollis Queens!!! My 5th grade BFF! And then some!!! Michelle