Monday, March 23, 2009

Notes from a Sprockette in Portland:

"The benefit in Portland was one of the better reminders for me of the strength that our community has built. Deciding that I had to do something aside from spreading the word about Hollis' accident was pretty immediate, and I thought it would be a basement show with maybe some local bands. What it ended up being was a HUGE warehouse event with hundreds of people, great acts, and over $5,000 raised. That to me is no small feat, considering that as we were chanting over the phone to India for Hollis to wake up, I was looking from the stage at everyone there, and realized that aside from the Sprockettes, Maybe five others had ever even met Hollis but were all working together to send love accross the sea. All of the performances went smoothly and beautifully, and everyone involved approched me to say that they have never been a part of a benefit that felt more powerful than that one. Maybe it was the kissing booth (smoochies for rupees!) or the gold attire, or the silent auction, or the bands that made the night so special, but really I think it was just for the love of Hollis."

Thank You Kiki, aka Agent Crush

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