Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's All Happening...

Okay this is also huge. In case you didn't know and haven't met her, I have the best mother in the world. She is an angel. She got Hollis accepted at Stanford's Hospital. One of the best in the world. As a charity case. Hollis has no insurance and this is very rare for them to do, but my moms friend Dr. Susan Bailey (i guess she's on billboards for St. Lukes right now all over SF) is the mother of my kindergarden love. They are still good friends and they made it happen. Holy Cow (of which there are many here in India). So all we need to do is get her there!!! Now!! Susan says that time is running out for medical science to help. Figure out the air ambulance let the donations pour in!!! Diane (Holly's mom) is taking out a mortgage on their house that she just finished paying off. What can we do? Maybe this is the Ghandi talking but I'm going to fast for ten days and give all of the money I was going to spend on food. Anything helps!!! Hound the ICU plane people! Ask your family friends with planes if we can rent them. Right now we are looking at $150,000 usd. as the best quote. I heard about one for 80,000 that someone got last year!!! Find it! Call, BEG, PLEAD!!!

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  1. My name is Jason Ross, I heard about this through my dear friend Olivia Katz. Right now my girlfriend is on Semester At Sea, a University of Virgina based abroad program that travels around the world. THEY ARE STOPPING IN CHENNAI THURSDAY MARCH 5th FOR 5 DAYS! I dont know what sort of things they can offer you to help but I do know (i took the same trip 2years ago) is they have a full medical staff as well as medical facilities on board. Taking Hollis on board the ship for the remainder of the voyage is defiantly out of the question due to international regulations and I think it would put this primary care physician in a bad situation, it sounds like she needs neurologist or neuro-surgeon. One thing I do know is the boat is filled with college kids who would love to help people in need. I have been emailing my girl friend Ceciely to spread awareness on this ship to raise funds and even ask some of the medical staff to visit her because it sounds like the care is less then adequate. What I need from you or whoever knows Hollis is some pictures so we can create a flyer she can post up around the ship. If someone could get me some pictures of Hollis ASAP it could maybe be very beneficial to this situation. The staff on the ship changes regularly but if the current doctor is anything like the one who was on my voyage you can bet he will be right there to offer help and ideas to get Hollis out of India. Please write me back with some pics/info to or please call me any time (216)496-4387.

    PS: The American Consulate in Chennai WILL make arrangements to fly her out of there, it will have to be out o pocket but they offer financial aid programs. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.....