Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bending steel with our bare hands...

As we flex our might, so does she. Biceps like redwoods. I think the redwood is Stanfords mascot!! Also, Stanford was founded as a memorial to the son of a late 1800's railroad man turned governor of California. His son died travelling internationally. Their motto is 'the wind of freedom blows'. Point being. I looked up Stanford. Why? Because I will soon be there. Why? Because of you. As she is healing, so am I. Now able to look at the beautiful photos from our trip:

"Let's take a portrait from the beginning of our trip!"she said.

"I want to take a portrait of you with your lotus flower, you look like a princess." I said.
(she took one of me too in front of this SF, dressed in gold of course)
So there's a couple thousand words worth. Keep it up team it's ALL working...
p.s. lemme know if I get too personal. I almost posted a gorgeous photo of her in her hospital bed. Her head is surrounded in gauze and she looks like shes sleeping on a cloud. So theres the mental image atleast. Sent it to my mom and she said to keep it sacred for myself. Email me if you want to see it.


  1. I just donated in memory of my stepsister, who died of brain damage recently (under quite different circumstances). Time can make a big difference. I hope your friend has a swift recovery.

  2. Posting for Juli Maus of The Sprockettes:

    having trouble commenting on the site. so to Harrison
    I *heart* your photos. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to dance for Hollis in a few dance. Till then, you are both continually in my thought. **smooch** agent alter ego

  3. Harrison,
    I have been interested to see you. I know Hollis from LA, and did not know about you until I heard of the mishap. I have been holding you in my heart, giving you and Hollis and her family a lot of love and support. It was so nice to see a picture of the two of you.

    I keep picturing Hollis healing. Her waking up. I see you and her and her mom boarding a commercial flight back home together.

    I am sending you all love.....I am so grateful they have you there. I am so grateful you were there to administer CPR. I am going to get CPR trained, as a result of your story. Thank you. Thanks for being strong and for loving her and for being there and for going through this.

    Much love, till I meet you in person,

  4. Harrison, you and Hollis are in our thoughts. We'll help as much as we can.
    Fred Dodsworth & Linda Franklin (Colin's parents)

  5. Harrison & Hollis - I don't know you personally but heard about your need from a dear friend, DPW's (Fabulous!) Face. I'll be there next year to see YOU AND HOLLY... and give you the greatest hugs and love I can muster! Bless you Harrison for your devotion, and Holly for your *strength*. YOU WILL BE BACK, to grace your loving friends with your warmth... sending LOVE and HEALING (and money - every little bit helps).

    My best,
    Mama Roux

  6. you both are so beautiful and strong. I am excited to see you both back in the US and livin' it up again like never before.
    XO kiki

  7. Please post everything here; ever since I heard Tuesday after band practice about this tragedy, I've been consumed with the need to know everything. Why? Because I had a similar injury in 1981, but to my left frontal lobe.

    I wish I could be there; I wish I could tell you the things you can expect. Brain injuries are all different because the brain is a highly complex organ, but there are similarities. Every new development (she's breathing on her own!) has me cheering.

    I'll be at the benefit in Brooklyn Saturday, playing with the Rude Mechanical Orchestra and thinking of you.

    (Just one last thing: talk to her, because chances are she can hear you. Even tickle her feet—if they're letting you in her room by now—because anything that can get her out of her coma is a step closer to recovery. I was comatose 4 weeks.)

  8. Harrison,

    I am a total stranger who found a link to this site through this blog. I was inspired to donate after I read yours and everyone else's posts--there is so much love on this little blog that it's really quite overwhelming. I wish the best for Hollis (and you as well); you both seem like wonderful people and I'm happy to see the support you're getting--and that Hollis sounds like she's doing much better than she was. I hope she makes a full recovery... and I believe she will.

    Love and peace,
    Julia P.

  9. Sarva Mangala Mangalye
    Sive Sarvatha
    Sadhike Tryambake Gauri
    Narayani Namosthute
    Narayani Namosthute

    I honor the Divine Mother Narayani who brings total auspiciousness and who fulfills the desires for liberation. Realization arises with her blessing.She is the world itself. Only through the experiences of life joy and pain, can the soul be perfected.

    Honor this gift your life!

    This is the mantra I learned yesterday and it seemed to fit so much in my life right now. I believe that all of us will benefit from this trauma and that Hollis will continue to transform into the most beautiful butterfly the world has ever seen.

    I love you!

    Harrison...thank you for the pics....they are truly worth a thousand words. ;-)