Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pure Gold...

the india photos are too hard too look at yet... thanks monica for the gold party... Donna Wood she told me about the photos you took of the black swan and her silouhette she painted...

A post from Agent Flux

Thanks, Bethany.

As you all already know, Hollis is truly extraordinary. She is fierce, powerful, driven, talented, and capable of anything.

This is an email she sent to The Derailleurs a week and a half ago to pump us up for our show at Nimby:

Howdy lovelies!

I made it to India and am safe and sound.
India is crazy...I mean the people are crazy, intense, beautiful, ugly, poor, rich, needy, freindly, weird, and lovely all at the same time.

I am currently rockin it in a city south of Chennai called Mallapuram. The journey so far has been filled with shock and awe (heh heh) and people in india are mad crazy drivers. Even on bicycles...The bikes here are insane as well...So many people have gigantic trikes that have double frames in the front and huge beds in the back, vice versa, and haul the craziest odd shaped objects, like huge drums of water or manuer, down the road amongst cars, motorized rickshaws, and motorbikes with the most awesome horns you ever heard...(There will be picures to come!)

I had my first motorcycle lesson today and didn't crash!!! Riding a bicycle has definately helped my skillz and don't worry JB, I am wearing a full faced helmet and totally playing it safe... Everyone here is super intense...The land is amazing and beautiful. Animals roam the streets wild and freely. There are dogs, cows, frogs, geckos, chickens, rosters, rats, cats, bats, and monkeys everywhere...and sometimes they come to visit in your hotel room.

Today visited the five Rathas some of the oldest and most symbolic of rock sculptures in all of India. Breathtaking. Tomorrow I have some more time to practice on the motorcycle and then to the Shore temple. Then we leave the next day for Pondicherri, about 34km south of here. I will be driving myself and my stull. Can't say I'm not nervous, but it will be fine.

I love and miss you guys already. I hope you have a wonderful fun time at Nimby 2 and rock everyone's socks off like I know you can....Just wanted to send some love to ya'll for your performance on Saturday. I know you'll be amazing.

whirled peas and high fives,
Agent Verve
"BE the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

Hollis was living it--doing things that so many people dream of doing. And it took guts, that is what is so admirable--She admitted she was scared and jumped right into it anyway.

All of the last internet postings I saw her leave were so positive and thoughtful--full of life, magic, love and gratitude. She was celebrating the universe and celebrating her friends.

Agents surrounding her with ferocious black and turquoise love:

Okay this is huge.

So I would like to write a more detailed description of what is going on with her and the incedent and conditions and India in general but I have been running around all day and am only now getting to the internet and this place closes in 20 minutes so... okay go. Her mom Diane and her aunt Joy arrived today. It was the most emotional introduction I have ever had in my life. We held eachother and my whole body was consumed by chills and tears that didn't subside. Getting chills even now writing this. After our embrace we couldn't even let go of eachothers hands swirling in a whirlpool of love for Hollis the three of us stood and cried. Them thanking me for saving her life and being here to date and me thanking them for coming, telling them how sorry I am and thinking how thankful I am to her for bringing such a beautiful creature that I love so much, into this world. Okay. What the plan is: her mom wants her back in the USA. Now! Her mom works at a hospital and wants to get the money fronted from her doctor friends to get an ICU plane (air ambulance) to bring her to... San Francisco, California. What we need: To get money to pay back the doctors. Get ready to put the fun in FUNdraiser! Hollis would have it no other way! Also, to confirm that Hollis can recieve care under Medical or Healthy San Francisco and get a hospital that will accept her and a Doctor to champion her care. The consulate and DC correspondents are ready to pull all the strings to get her all the GOV support they can, her mom named these options to me but the only one I can remember right now is SSI. SOOO... Homework San Franciscans... Call everyone. Does anyone have a plane? or a friend with a plane? or a nurse or doctor who will come as an intensive care volunteer on a hired plane? or want to write foundations to get an air ambulance donated or atleast look into it and give us the usual options?!?!? Accupuncture? YES we can. I will champion her care until something. I don't know what something is yet but I do know I am headed into it full on with fire in my eyes and heart. Please forward this to everyone and rub it in their faces.

In it for the LONG HAUL,


Friday, February 27, 2009

Check it out=====>

Womp! There it is.
A donation station for Hollis' mom's unexpected vacation.
For international phonecalls and text message manipulations.
For flowers and flights.
For the future and the fight.
Hope you have a good night.
Last rhyme with all my might.

Talked to Hollis' Family

I just got off the phone with Hollis' sister. She told me that Hollis' mother and aunt should be arriving in Chennai in an hour and that her sister's colleague at the Hospital in Tennessee is from Chennai and he sent his father to pick up the family and take them to Pondicherry.
Her Aunt has a son who had gone through a head trauma, so she is there to support her sister through this process. Thanks to Matthew who is also in Chennai, giving support in the actual country.

I am SOSOSO close to having a paypal account set up for donations, so get your wallets ready.
There has also been a venue donated for the cause, so expect a FUNraiser to emerge sometime next week.

Keep'a yo head up!

motivation from D.A.

Written by D.A. Tinio:

To THE FIGHTERS: on Hollis’ behalf,

Okay Gang,
Holis is in a fight right now and she needs you in her ringside corner cheering her on.
She needs you shouting her name.
She needs you to imagine the fighter that she is.
She needs you to imagine the fighter that you are.
She needs you to fight by her side.
She needs you to imagine her getting as far out of the woods as possible.
She needs you to tell her, “HOLLIS, this way!”
She needs you to imagine her winning.


Haul Ass Hollis. Haul Ass.


Breath everybody...

Hollis' mom is due to arrive in India any moment.

The story from Harrison: This is pretty graphic.

Date: Fri, Feb 27 2009 12:05 am
From: Harrison Abstains

hello to my serenissima family of friends. as many of you know as of the last 48 hours, I am in the throws of one of the greatest tragedies of my life. my sweetheart Hollis, whom some of you know, from San Francisco was in a motorcycle accident here in the south of India. She has recieved a severe injury to her brain stem and is in a coma. She was wearing a helmet but a sort of freak occurrence put a motorcycle handle bar through the wind visor of the eyes of her helmet. she has a big print mark from the end of the handlebar on her temple and her ear was torn in half and she was immediately unconscious and bleeding from the mouth, nose and ears. I am trying to write this all down as factually as possible even though i am in tears as i write. i then did CPR, which you should all learn, on her for the next half hour consistently as she could not breath on her own. covered in and spitting out her blood in between breaths all of the people involved in the accident fled the scene. I was stranded with someone completely unconscious in the middle of a two lane bridge outside of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and finally a van of German tourist pulled over and we put her in the passenger seat and I continued CPR. Three 'hospitals' later she was in the care she is in now. She is stable yet unresponsive beyond "involuntary movement". She was fighting for her life and i feel that she is capable of miracles. Please keep her in your thoughts and send her all of the energy and magic and love and prayers and anything you got. The next week is critical and she could perish or come out at any moment. That said I have to go back to the Critcal Care Unit. I am here doing research as Englsih is the second language to all of her doctors. for more information on her injury you can read this: business/biotech/thia-faq.htm.
Words cannot describe the pain I am in here. Feeling so alone even though I am with her and surrounded by people. The phone calls and texts coming in from all over the world are keeping me going. If you want to you can contact me by phone and often i am finding i do need to hear familiar voices. Also the texts i have been getting are wonderful because my reception in the hospital is dodgy and talking on the phone is very expensive.
I love you all and want to remind you how precious life is and to never waste it.
from Jipmer Hospital in Pondicherry, India

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hollis (Holly) Hawthorne's Medical Update

For those of you who know Hollis, she has been in a motorcycle accident in Pondicherry, India.
There was a motorcycle in front of her with three passengers that skidded out, and she either swerved to avoid them or ran into them. She was wearing a helmet. Her friend Harrison was on the scene to give her CPR until the ambulance arrived. This happened on wednesday 2/25/09.

The main damage to her body is brain stem damage with a skull fracture at the back of her head. Her ear was cut pretty badly, and she had some major blood loss.

Update on Hollis:
She is still in a coma and she is not breathing on her own since the accident. Her vital signs are stabilized. Her fluids and body are being monitored through her heart. Her lung has not collapsed. Her brain is no longer hemorrhaging. She is reacting to stimulus, so gifts with smells or sounds help. Her body is becoming ridged and shaky. She is out of emergency room where other people were dying and in a hospital room.

A fund will be set up through a website to cover cost and needs.

KT is having a gathering on Sunday and another benefit is being arranged, venue suggestions? Her mother will arrive Saturday 28th in the morning.
It has been 48 hours since the accident.

We are trying to get her back to the US. If she heals well enough we can fly her back on a normal flight, otherwise she will have to be put on an air ambulance, which is costly.

She is registered as Holis Hawthorn (one 'L' in Holis) at Jipmer hospital in Pondicherry , India, in critical care unit.

We are sharing this info to send her support; cards, flowers, gifts etc. to wake up to, please do not conact the hospital to inquire about her condition.

Repost from KT:
Hey ya'll, I'm going to host a "good vibes to Hollis" dinner this Sunday night the 1st of March, 7pm- 12 midnight.

Address 1341 58th ave, Oakland 94621, also Blue's house, close to Fruitvale BART statio I'll make veggies and dessert if you want to bring beer and meat (BACON.) We could collect funds or donations for Hollis family, or just toast her, send her good thought, swap stories and the rest.