Saturday, February 28, 2009

A post from Agent Flux

Thanks, Bethany.

As you all already know, Hollis is truly extraordinary. She is fierce, powerful, driven, talented, and capable of anything.

This is an email she sent to The Derailleurs a week and a half ago to pump us up for our show at Nimby:

Howdy lovelies!

I made it to India and am safe and sound.
India is crazy...I mean the people are crazy, intense, beautiful, ugly, poor, rich, needy, freindly, weird, and lovely all at the same time.

I am currently rockin it in a city south of Chennai called Mallapuram. The journey so far has been filled with shock and awe (heh heh) and people in india are mad crazy drivers. Even on bicycles...The bikes here are insane as well...So many people have gigantic trikes that have double frames in the front and huge beds in the back, vice versa, and haul the craziest odd shaped objects, like huge drums of water or manuer, down the road amongst cars, motorized rickshaws, and motorbikes with the most awesome horns you ever heard...(There will be picures to come!)

I had my first motorcycle lesson today and didn't crash!!! Riding a bicycle has definately helped my skillz and don't worry JB, I am wearing a full faced helmet and totally playing it safe... Everyone here is super intense...The land is amazing and beautiful. Animals roam the streets wild and freely. There are dogs, cows, frogs, geckos, chickens, rosters, rats, cats, bats, and monkeys everywhere...and sometimes they come to visit in your hotel room.

Today visited the five Rathas some of the oldest and most symbolic of rock sculptures in all of India. Breathtaking. Tomorrow I have some more time to practice on the motorcycle and then to the Shore temple. Then we leave the next day for Pondicherri, about 34km south of here. I will be driving myself and my stull. Can't say I'm not nervous, but it will be fine.

I love and miss you guys already. I hope you have a wonderful fun time at Nimby 2 and rock everyone's socks off like I know you can....Just wanted to send some love to ya'll for your performance on Saturday. I know you'll be amazing.

whirled peas and high fives,
Agent Verve
"BE the change you want to see in the world" - Gandhi

Hollis was living it--doing things that so many people dream of doing. And it took guts, that is what is so admirable--She admitted she was scared and jumped right into it anyway.

All of the last internet postings I saw her leave were so positive and thoughtful--full of life, magic, love and gratitude. She was celebrating the universe and celebrating her friends.

Agents surrounding her with ferocious black and turquoise love:

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