Saturday, February 28, 2009

Okay this is huge.

So I would like to write a more detailed description of what is going on with her and the incedent and conditions and India in general but I have been running around all day and am only now getting to the internet and this place closes in 20 minutes so... okay go. Her mom Diane and her aunt Joy arrived today. It was the most emotional introduction I have ever had in my life. We held eachother and my whole body was consumed by chills and tears that didn't subside. Getting chills even now writing this. After our embrace we couldn't even let go of eachothers hands swirling in a whirlpool of love for Hollis the three of us stood and cried. Them thanking me for saving her life and being here to date and me thanking them for coming, telling them how sorry I am and thinking how thankful I am to her for bringing such a beautiful creature that I love so much, into this world. Okay. What the plan is: her mom wants her back in the USA. Now! Her mom works at a hospital and wants to get the money fronted from her doctor friends to get an ICU plane (air ambulance) to bring her to... San Francisco, California. What we need: To get money to pay back the doctors. Get ready to put the fun in FUNdraiser! Hollis would have it no other way! Also, to confirm that Hollis can recieve care under Medical or Healthy San Francisco and get a hospital that will accept her and a Doctor to champion her care. The consulate and DC correspondents are ready to pull all the strings to get her all the GOV support they can, her mom named these options to me but the only one I can remember right now is SSI. SOOO... Homework San Franciscans... Call everyone. Does anyone have a plane? or a friend with a plane? or a nurse or doctor who will come as an intensive care volunteer on a hired plane? or want to write foundations to get an air ambulance donated or atleast look into it and give us the usual options?!?!? Accupuncture? YES we can. I will champion her care until something. I don't know what something is yet but I do know I am headed into it full on with fire in my eyes and heart. Please forward this to everyone and rub it in their faces.

In it for the LONG HAUL,



  1. Thank you Harrison - I'm so glad that Diane & Joy are there for you, and you for them. In it for the long haul indeed. Love to you all out there taking care of our Hollis! Thank you so so much.

    Now - let's get some stuff rolling.
    I'm in Portland Oregon, and have never really navigated California's health care bureaucracy, but want to help however I can.

    Upon a bit of research, Hollis may qualify for Medi-Cal, (what that covers I don't know - but it's worth it to try all our options)
    Here is the Medi-Cal website (w/ applications,etc):

    Then there's info on SSI here - it is their "are you eligible?" questionnaire (I encourage filling this out to determine Hollis' eligibility) :

    Anything else that I'm not thinking of? Someone know more about these programs? Of other programs?

    In the meantime, the bike dance & greater bicycling community is rallying behind Hollis:

    Eliza - thank you for setting up the paypal account. Ain't no city like generosity!
    Team FUNdraiser - thank you very much

    namaste to all.

  2. Shannon again (agent trouble)
    damn! I don't know how to make those websites links for y'all.

  3. Hospitals in SF/ Bay Area:
    Not much time to do more research on them, buuuut, it could be a start if ya need it?

    St. Luke's Hospital - San Francisco

    Alta Bates Summit Medical Center - Berkeley & Oakland?

    California Pacific Medical Center - San Francisco

    UCSF - San Francisco

    Stanford University School of Medicine/Medical Center - Palo Alto

    San Francisco General Hospital - San Francisco

    St. Mary's Medical Center - San Francisco

    O'Connor Hospital - San Jose

  4. One more logistical thought -->

    For team FUNdraiser,
    I've found that silent &/or live auctions raise the most money (more than door, raffles, hat passing). With a community rich in crafters, performers, & artists, perhaps folks could donate some stuff to a silent auction. Live auctions work too, but harder to execute. Both good fundraisers. Getting creative with it makes it funner! ("so & so will clean your kitchen in a bikini", and BAM! suddenly your broke-ass friend has duckets?

    2centz & I'm out
    we gotz the love to do this!

  5. Hi,
    Harrison's mother here. We have a hospital in SF! Our good friend is Dr. Susan Bailey she is the Doc from St. Luke's you see on the billboards. She can get her in at PMC if she comes back. She is not sure Hollis should make the trip here yet. Harrison is getting Hollis's records to her as we speak. They may want her to go to an American hospital in Guam. We are working on all this. They want her out of India and in an American hospital as soon as possible. Thanks for all you are doing. Your support has really given Harrison a lot of strength.
    Healing Thoughts,
    Karen Richards