Friday, February 27, 2009

The story from Harrison: This is pretty graphic.

Date: Fri, Feb 27 2009 12:05 am
From: Harrison Abstains

hello to my serenissima family of friends. as many of you know as of the last 48 hours, I am in the throws of one of the greatest tragedies of my life. my sweetheart Hollis, whom some of you know, from San Francisco was in a motorcycle accident here in the south of India. She has recieved a severe injury to her brain stem and is in a coma. She was wearing a helmet but a sort of freak occurrence put a motorcycle handle bar through the wind visor of the eyes of her helmet. she has a big print mark from the end of the handlebar on her temple and her ear was torn in half and she was immediately unconscious and bleeding from the mouth, nose and ears. I am trying to write this all down as factually as possible even though i am in tears as i write. i then did CPR, which you should all learn, on her for the next half hour consistently as she could not breath on her own. covered in and spitting out her blood in between breaths all of the people involved in the accident fled the scene. I was stranded with someone completely unconscious in the middle of a two lane bridge outside of Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu and finally a van of German tourist pulled over and we put her in the passenger seat and I continued CPR. Three 'hospitals' later she was in the care she is in now. She is stable yet unresponsive beyond "involuntary movement". She was fighting for her life and i feel that she is capable of miracles. Please keep her in your thoughts and send her all of the energy and magic and love and prayers and anything you got. The next week is critical and she could perish or come out at any moment. That said I have to go back to the Critcal Care Unit. I am here doing research as Englsih is the second language to all of her doctors. for more information on her injury you can read this: business/biotech/thia-faq.htm.
Words cannot describe the pain I am in here. Feeling so alone even though I am with her and surrounded by people. The phone calls and texts coming in from all over the world are keeping me going. If you want to you can contact me by phone and often i am finding i do need to hear familiar voices. Also the texts i have been getting are wonderful because my reception in the hospital is dodgy and talking on the phone is very expensive.
I love you all and want to remind you how precious life is and to never waste it.
from Jipmer Hospital in Pondicherry, India


  1. Harrison -
    Thank you so much for giving CPR & for helping & loving Hollis. I am so sorry you are bearing so much weight of this tragedy. My love to you. From my perch here in Portland, Oregon, I have a candle lit for Hollis & I am screaming FIGHT & shooting golden rays from my temples to hers. Please continue to be strong & know our thoughts are with you and Hollis. If there is ANYTHING you can think of post here & we will help.
    Thank you & love love love

  2. To an angel I met amongst the desert dust
    to a beautiful free spirit called Hollis
    To a lovely lady who I had only spent such a short time
    to a strong woman, a fighter, with a beautiful mind
    to a bird of another feather a unique beauty
    with her boots with her leather
    to one tough cookie a soldier who will fight the battle and win
    to A bird who can fly with one wing and a fish who could swim with one fin
    As we all breath in deeply, while you sleep in a deep slumber
    we exhale in one mighty breath and bring forth the thunder
    There may be many great storms sweet princess
    But there is no storm that could ever conquer such a crusader as Hollis

    All of my love, energy, thoughts, hopes, and prayers are with you Hollis along with your friends and family!!! kisses hugs and love...
    all the way fro Atlanta ga
    emerald (georgia)

  3. Words can be comforting sometimes, so here are mine...

    I wish the big bright yellow sun to shine through on hollis and you:)


    You & Hollis are in my thoughts and prayers, Harrison

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