Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rehabilitation is under way!

I am pleased to announce that Hollis has been undergoing intense rehab for the next few weeks.
More details soon.
The last update I heard was that she ripped out her feeding tube and they were standing by to see how she fed herself before trying to re-install.
I will talk to Diane and give a proper update soon.

Also, as per a commenter's question, the van giveaway was too late to enter the contest, but Diane secured a van with a chair lift to make transportation easier on the both of them. As always, donations are graciously accepted to help with these costs incurred for Hollis' rehabilitation.

Friday, May 11, 2012

A Standing Record

Diane told me today that Hollis stood for the longest time ever today, 13 minutes.
She went to the doctor today to get her new pump calibrated. She had the Baclofen pump installed last week and they brought her in to give her a better dosage. The pump is to improver her muscle tone in order for her to be admitted into an intensive care facility. Hollis needs to be able to withstand all day of rehabilitation. Getting better tone in her right side will help her with the process.
Diane will be trying to win a van that enables her to day trip with Hollis, so when that info is available, we will need YOUR support by spreading the word and voting.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update on Hollis about Shepherd's Center admission needs.

Speaking with Diane recently, she detailed the medical needs for Hollis pre-admission to the world renowned center for brain injuries, Shepherd's Center.
If you are looking for a way to help Hollis on her goal of "getting better", send a little donation through the paypal link to the left.

Here is what she had to say, in medicalese:

"Shepherd wanted Holli to be seen and have some procedures done that will help her get the best benefit from the intensive therapy that she would be receiving if we are accepted. We saw a dr. today that is getting the ball rolling. Holli will see an orthopedist Thursday about her hand and then next Wednesday a neurologist that does the baclofen trial which is they inject baclofen into her spine and see if she is a cadidate for the baclofen pump. Baclofen is medication that would help decrease her tone and spasms that she has and her muscles would be much more relaxed. It will delivery continuous medication. After that we will see if she needs a tendon release of her right elbow to help straighten her arm. I am so happy that we are getting these procedures in place. What we want to see happen is a special pump inserted for Holli to receive continuous medication that will relax her muscles and tone in her body so we can get them functioning again. Possibly will have to have surgery to have a tendon release from her right arm so we can get her right arm completely straight and possibly a series of cast put on her right foot to correct her foot drop if the medication pump does not do this for her.
It is more that Holli needs these procedures in place so she can get the most out of intense physical therapy. I believe that once we have that, they will accept her. She only has one shot with medicare for in-patient therapy and we want her to get the most out of it." -Diane Parkes Allison

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hollis Dream

I had a Hollis dream where she was like an eager little child. It was time to learn walking and she couldn't wait to get her shoes on, she just went for it. She also remembered how to do the bicycle dance. She would soak up whatever lesson I had planned for her, clumsily pull it off, and want more. It made her so happy to be moving again.

This dream has renewed the need for a committee to head up the advocacy for her entrance into Shephard's Center in Atlanta.

If you would like to spearhead a role in this campaign, contact me at:
eliza (at) friendsofhollis .com