Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rehabilitation is under way!

I am pleased to announce that Hollis has been undergoing intense rehab for the next few weeks.
More details soon.
The last update I heard was that she ripped out her feeding tube and they were standing by to see how she fed herself before trying to re-install.
I will talk to Diane and give a proper update soon.

Also, as per a commenter's question, the van giveaway was too late to enter the contest, but Diane secured a van with a chair lift to make transportation easier on the both of them. As always, donations are graciously accepted to help with these costs incurred for Hollis' rehabilitation.


  1. Congrats to Diane on the van! That makes life much easier, I'm sure!

    Hey post some new pics sometimes so we can see how she's doing!

    And check out Lion's Mane mushrooms - may help with nerve regeneration - you can buy online, powder or fresh (tasty!).

    Take care!

    Julie Dole

  2. I look forward to updating news soon. Hope to see some photos of her and give best wishes for her.

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