Friday, May 11, 2012

A Standing Record

Diane told me today that Hollis stood for the longest time ever today, 13 minutes.
She went to the doctor today to get her new pump calibrated. She had the Baclofen pump installed last week and they brought her in to give her a better dosage. The pump is to improver her muscle tone in order for her to be admitted into an intensive care facility. Hollis needs to be able to withstand all day of rehabilitation. Getting better tone in her right side will help her with the process.
Diane will be trying to win a van that enables her to day trip with Hollis, so when that info is available, we will need YOUR support by spreading the word and voting.


  1. This is great. Without knowing her personally, thinking of Diane (and Hollis) on Mother's Day. xo

  2. How's she been since May? Did she get in the program?

    If you don't win the van, see my earlier post about looking on the LA craigslist. Also the car-related recycler/ pennysaver ads. I was always surprised what was out there - sometimes just $3K or so for a converted minivan with ramp. Keep it up! :)