Monday, February 14, 2011

Hollis' Birthday Conversation

I just got off the phone calling Hollis on her birthday.
A few other Derailleurs were in the room on speaker phone her in SF.
She was at home with her mother getting ready for a party of family at her house later.
"It would be lovely if you came over for my birthday!"
She was her usual hostess self and offered the prospects of cake and ice cream for everyone.
She thanked me for calling and thinking of her on her birthday.
We talked about the Derailleurs show and she was ever so eager to get back to dancing.
She wants us to come over so she can learn the new moves and catch up.
She mentioned a couple times how we could dance all night.
Then as our conversation came to an end, I asked her for a story.
This is what I got from it:
"Once there was this little girl and all she wanted to do was dance.
And there was a fairy with wings who wanted to dance but couldn't use her legs.
They all came to my party and we danced all night."
Her annunciation has improved remarkably and being at home seems to be a great experience.
This home is where she grew up, and she is connecting with those moments.