Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Hun visited Hollis and here's what she says:

Okay, so Hollis isn't quite up to saying "hello" out loud: her talking phase only lasted a few days. But damn if she didn't laugh her ass off today! She looks great, and is progressing by leaps and bounds here in Tennessee. Kevin and Not-It made bad jokes at that girl until she laughed out loud--the first time she'd laughed aloud since her injury. We kept her laughing for hours with the help of kazoos, stories and DPW news.

Plus, today marked the first time she got completely vertical, with lots of help from the badass physical therapists here. Her right side is starting to move a little, and she's working hard to hold her head up. She can now answer yes/no questions by lifting her left arm for a yes answer. There is absolutely no doubt about it: Hollis is in there, and she's fighting hard to get her muscles back under control. The therapists say her background as a dancer is making a big difference.

Lots of work still to do, but the improvement since I saw her 5 months ago is absolutely astounding. We'll be dancing in the desert again in no time. We all left with a lot of joy and hope about her progress.

So anyway, Hollis is spending a lot of time listening to music these days. Her ipod is hooked up, and Diane puts it on random. You know what that means: SEND MUSIC! Anybody with good tunes that you think Hollis will like, make a little mix and send it down to Diane Allison, 600 Sue Dr., Antioch TN 37013. You can send presents, letters, donations, art and sock puppets there too... but music, comedy and audiobooks will really do the trick right now.