Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hollis (Holly) Hawthorne's Medical Update

For those of you who know Hollis, she has been in a motorcycle accident in Pondicherry, India.
There was a motorcycle in front of her with three passengers that skidded out, and she either swerved to avoid them or ran into them. She was wearing a helmet. Her friend Harrison was on the scene to give her CPR until the ambulance arrived. This happened on wednesday 2/25/09.

The main damage to her body is brain stem damage with a skull fracture at the back of her head. Her ear was cut pretty badly, and she had some major blood loss.

Update on Hollis:
She is still in a coma and she is not breathing on her own since the accident. Her vital signs are stabilized. Her fluids and body are being monitored through her heart. Her lung has not collapsed. Her brain is no longer hemorrhaging. She is reacting to stimulus, so gifts with smells or sounds help. Her body is becoming ridged and shaky. She is out of emergency room where other people were dying and in a hospital room.

A fund will be set up through a website to cover cost and needs.

KT is having a gathering on Sunday and another benefit is being arranged, venue suggestions? Her mother will arrive Saturday 28th in the morning.
It has been 48 hours since the accident.

We are trying to get her back to the US. If she heals well enough we can fly her back on a normal flight, otherwise she will have to be put on an air ambulance, which is costly.

She is registered as Holis Hawthorn (one 'L' in Holis) at Jipmer hospital in Pondicherry , India, in critical care unit.

We are sharing this info to send her support; cards, flowers, gifts etc. to wake up to, please do not conact the hospital to inquire about her condition.

Repost from KT:
Hey ya'll, I'm going to host a "good vibes to Hollis" dinner this Sunday night the 1st of March, 7pm- 12 midnight.

Address 1341 58th ave, Oakland 94621, also Blue's house, close to Fruitvale BART statio I'll make veggies and dessert if you want to bring beer and meat (BACON.) We could collect funds or donations for Hollis family, or just toast her, send her good thought, swap stories and the rest.



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