Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hollis Update:

Just talked to Harrison with a Hollis Update.
She has been moved to a room with a floor-to-ceiling window from which you can see rolling hills, trees and the sunset. She has been very responsive lately, moving arm and making facial expressions. It is as though she knows where she is and is unhappy with the situation. It is hard to watch her painful expressions, but it is a good sign that she is warming back up to our reality. I can imagine her personality will be angry with being babied, angry with pity, and angry for not being able to be in her body. This reminds us to be patient with her and her situation as she goes through childhood and adolescence again.

This reminds me of etiquette while talking to a person in a coma.

1. You are a mirror for their emotions. Be cheerful and positive. If you are crying and upset, she will be soaking that in. Try talking to her in positive ways, talking about things she enjoys, things on the brighter side of life.

2. They can hear you. Some insight is provided by another burner woman who was internally decapitated and fell into a coma. During the unfortunate circumstances Amacker had while in a coma, she was able to share this:
"As I said, I was in a coma for a long time. And I remember all of it. And my brother, who never left my side, spent a lot of time talking to me. And his words were part of the script of my "coma reality." In other words, she probably CAN hear you, and depending on her brain,and how she dreams, she can process this into her world in some way. (so don't repeat yourself .. my bro did that a couple of days in a row and i was *so* flumoxed!)"

Amacker has made a miraculous recovery from a motorcycle accident 2 years ago and talks more about it here: http://helpholligethome.blogspot.com/2009/03/i-just-spoke-briefly-with-diane.html#comments

Hope you enjoy these tips.
I will get the updated visitor information as it arrives. Until then, the sidebar of this blog has the instructions on how to visit Hollis.

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