Friday, March 6, 2009

SF FUNdraiser

Gold Rush: A Benefit for Hollis Hawthorne
The Derailleurs
Cheese Puffs
Jesse Roadkill
One Feell Swoop
Art Auction by Will Chase

Thursday March 12
Doors at 7:30
Show at 8pm
333 11th St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

Hollis Hawthorne, the dancer, the doer, the maker, the muse who has touched so many people, is in a coma in India and NEEDS OUR HELP. The purpose of this fundraiser is to fly her home to the world-class donated care of Stanford University.

This event is GOLD themed, Hollis' signature color. Everyone is urged to wear gold!

For more information, go to or (facebook website to be given shortly) or


  1. The site continues to look great eliza! Yolu are doing such an amazing job!

    I am going to try and make it down for this benefit on the 12th. I live in Grass Valley presently and will be flying out of Sac-town to Tucson on the 14th. So I am doing what I can to get my arse down ther to meet all of you and support Hollis!

    Much love and blessings,


  2. I don't have any money (literally, .50 - almost nothing) as the day before I found out about this gave what I had so *another* friend who was in an accident, but I'm doing what I can, hoping to help a bit - and have already heard from people who saw the post on my magazine ( - and facebook, and MySpace) that quite a few of them have been able to donate. HELLS YEAH!

    I absolutely am amazed & truly warmed by the way this community of beautiful freaks pulls together in times of need, and does what they can - whatever it is.
    Getting the flier up on my Magazine within the next half hour or so for the benefit, and Harrison, if you could send updates to - that would ROCK! I'll also create something for her on the Forum page on the mag, just in case. Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere.
    Let's bring Hollis back HERE!
    ~ kSea