Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Tally on the FUNdraiser-ometer

News is in from Portland with the Sprockettes organizing a FUNdraiser with the band Japanther.
New York is getting something together.
If you want to organize a Bay Area Fundraiser, send me and email with "fundraiser committee" on the subject. elizastrack (AT) gmail(dot) com.


Hold your breath:

drum roll >>>>>>>>>>>

We are one tenth of the way there!
Thank you to all 355 people who have donated since I checked my email. I am most certain the number will be bigger as soon as I can finish this post.

I responded to the first hundred donations, but I am not able to personally thank each of you.
SO, A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU 355 people!!!!!
(insert standing ovation here.)

According to Harrison's mother, the most Golden Hearted Lady who got Hollis accepted into Stanford's arms, the best thing would be to get her to Stanford so they can work their state-of-the-art magic on her and her extreme condition. So as soon as we can get the money together, she is coming home to us.
We just set up a joint checking account to filter the money into so if we reach our goal, she is on that airplane with little red tape.

I also don't want to forget all the people who are doing remote healing on our lovely lady.
Thank you for organizing that, and hopefully we can see some changes.

I heard Alberto Villoldo speak at a conference and I wanted to share his insight.
He had just completed a doctorate, and he was one of the first Americans to spend much time with the Inca in their homeland. He was talking about the chaos theory and how cool it was. He said, "You know, a butterfly flaps his wings here and a tsunami happens around the world." The Incan shaman thought that was very insightful, and then added, "Show me how this works." Uhhh, Dr. Villoldo had no idea how to do this, because it was a theory. According to the Inca, time is not before, after, the day after, or tomorrow. Time is happening all at once. The Incan shaman said, "I can show you that theory. I can heal someone on the other side of the earth."
I feel this is very poigniant because I am getting an email a minute, many people who have never met Hollis, but want to do something. They have been filled with the spirit of charity for someone who obviously inspired us all to DO IT BETTER. This is worth the world's weight in gold.


  1. I do not know you or her, and my best wishes are with you both.

    I just wanted to ask, I know several people who have gone to india for very, very serious surgeries, because the doctors in the western "tourist" hospitals over there are American trained, have American equipment, etc, but cost just a fraction of the care of the US. Have you looked into those options there? At least as a temporary place?

    Apollo Chenai, at least in a limited sense for certain operations, is one of the best hospitals in the eastern hemisphere, if not the world.


    Anyway, I'm donating to you, just wondering if you'd heard of those places.

  2. Not everyone is aware that there is medevac and international health insurance available for travellers in countries with spotty health care systems. It costs about $50 to $150 for a month of travel, which is cheaper than US health care! Everybody! Before you travel! Buy this!

    Prayers for Holli's full recovery. Wish I could give more; my heart goes out to her friends and family. This is a nightmare situation that hopefully everybody working together can bring to an end.

  3. Thank you for your suggestions, Tischler. She is now in Apollo Chennai.