Saturday, March 14, 2009

Update-o rama:

Gold Rush!
First of all, a gigantic thank you to those of you who lent a hand, an art piece, a vocal chord, a dance number, a trunk full of stuff, makeup assistance etc. etc. Everyone in the hive who built the golden set, and filled it with honey. We really found a great team through this fundraiser. The venue was impressed by our teamwork, and the crowd got the epic slice of Hollis' friends and how wonderful they are. Yesterday I went to the bank with Karen and deposited the cash from the benefit which was.........................................$8,962.00! This is not the total of how much we brought in because of some donations made on the paypal station that was set up in the art gallery. I am not sure which ones are from the venue because they don't specify. That being said, the money in the paypal from the last two days is $5,000, making out total:
I know you have been waiting so I won't do as many of these~~~~~~~~~~~.
This is a truly astounding feat of friendship and networking.
AGAIN, this money is not counting the family's $30,00 they have raised.
We are on the precipice of breaking the five digit number. This amount is more than most people I know makes in a year or two. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts.
There is no Recession of Love!!

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  1. I've been watching this whole story from the sidelines (and donated a bit) and I am so impressed with Hollis' extended community, both family and friends.

    I cannot believe how you guys have all come together to make it possible to bring her home, and I hope all this love and support will make her recovery swifter.