Saturday, March 14, 2009


And if knowing the new total didn't get your blood pumping folks,
I was going to wait until she was in the air to announce it. You know how these things can be more complicated than we would enjoy.
But her family's site has blown the the whistle on secrecy and announced her arrival, so You guys deserve to revel extra hard while it's still the weekend.
Thanks to a very large loan with interest and everything, Hollis' family was able to secure a flight while we are still in the fundraising state.
We will be giving all of the money we raise to her Mother. She has been paying the hospital bill everyday in India, and she will be taking care of the financial burden. Now we know that Stanford has offered their care, but we have to be real about the nature of her injury and the mystery it is shrouded. Brain stem controls the involuntary motor skill, like blinking and breathing. While she was still on the respirator, the future looked very grim to me. When she began to breath on her own again, it was a very good sign. We need to be real about the possibilities of her outcome. She could have a full recovery, or she could need assistance for the rest of her life. This money you have donated will be the safety net for her while she is considering waking up from the horrendous moment where everything changed for her.
And really, the fact that she is calibrating her eyes to both look in one direction, and that she is communicating through slight hand squeezes shows that she is regenerating. These things take time. I can only that our golden light we are lending her and Harrison will be the strength for the next step. And a better one.


  1. Wow! This is amazing news; I'm so happy for everyone involved in this.

    This will also give her a chance to start rehabilitation at Stanford ASAP, which is going to give her the best chance in the world to get better fast. I'm crossing my fingers hard for her.

    I'll still be glued to this blog, and if there's anything I can do (besides kick in money) I'll gladly do it!

  2. I am so glad she is coming home.

  3. That's great!!!!