Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Chennai near the airport that will take her to Stanford...

The mightiest tempest roaring through me. I can only go to sleep because all of you are there tucking me in and telling me I need to. I can only wake up and part the blanket of black fog that settles on my blanket, pillow and heart because you all pull me out of bed and tell me to stay strong. I am not shouting at my self to keep going. I am shouting in a billowing chorus. I feel you all and thanks isn't even applicable you are pioneering something that garners something new beyond even thanks. Yesterday I was vomiting, today I was healing her with my hands and my voice and song. I am a person of powers and invincibility forcefields and luck and I am pulling it down on her like a lightning rod. You are amplifying it like an arena rock soundsystem. I've kept her alive this far and we're going to bring her back to you. Last night we moved her from Pondicherry to Chennai. She did great. This is all so intense and surreal, especially when the ambulance brutally murdered the cutest dog. It was crushed into the grill in front of the passenger seat where I was sitting. I had some sort of flash back and was flung into screaming and crying but we got Hollis there. She is in exponentially greater care that immediately swung into action. The money and resources are pouring in. I feel that we are close. Lets get her to Stanford, please. I know everone is doing so much and using all of their might and powers but we need to step it up. Put it on the pirate cat, in the Guardian, on TV. Call famous people and find people or foundations to match funds. You can, I can, WE CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love and Strength. Harrison


  1. hi. i'm going to go to barbra lee's office tomorrow... and see if the congresswoman can help. perhaps arrange for hollis be transported via military medical flight.

    whats the latest i should know before talking to her?

    is there someone i should co-ordinate with?
    i'm in the 415 at 203 6702

  2. Any news working with the US embassy or consulate office in Chennai? I know there is an office there. My friend Lila was there last summer. Talked with Harrison's mom briefly last night about getting transport from the government. If this info hasn't gotten back to you, I know a name of a place you and Hollis's family can go that would bring great comfort. It's called Sparky's and the owners name is Owen. Its a restaurant/hotel. He knows the names of the consulates in the area if you need to know who to speak with. Also, he would be a great comfort to you......

    Here is the info my friend Lila sent

    Sparky's Restaurant is where all the American's & Westerners go. The owner knows all of the consulate people.

    Tell a rickshaw driver: Palimar Hotel in Chetpet (Palimar Hotel is across the street from Sparky's and the only landmark rickshaw driver's know in the area)
    Here is the link.
    Lila E. Burgos
    UA/NASA Space Grant Intern
    Office of Arid Lands Studies
    University of Arizona

    I am thinking about you all night and day! Sending my courage and strength so you won't run out. You are amazing Harrison and I for one can't wait to meet you when our angel goddess gets back to the states and into Standford!

    Many blessings and lots of love!!


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