Thursday, March 5, 2009

A funny thing happenend:

I got a text message from Robin Lehto, a Sprockette who has moved to New York. She was at Trader Joe's, perusing the recent perishables when she ran into some other people on a mission to get food for a benefit for Hollis. They managed to inspire her to put together some visuals for the party. She texted me to fill me with the joys of coincidence.
The collective throwing the benefit is called The House Of Yes!

Here is what she says:
"Friends and family of Hollis in the bay: we are on this in new York. Please send me footage of the derailleurs or Hollis or any other video message you'd like viewed at brooklyns benefit on Saturday to robinlehto (AT) gmail (dot) com. Tell stories of love and prayer into your webcam and email them to me. I will project them at our gathering. Let's shrink this world and get Hollis home."


  1. This is amazing and so awesome! In a couple of weeks there will be a benefit show in NYC called "Bleeding Hearts Burlesque" with all proceeds going to Holli. The Burlesque community is already sending love and donations, but the benefit show will still be a wonderful help. Also, The Skullduggery & Skin Show will be in D.C. this weekend and will be holding a special raffle for Holli. We're going to get baby girl back home ASAP. Love and light to you all!
    ~Gal Friday

  2. Thanks for letting us know about this world wide relief effort.
    If you have fliers to post, send them to me and I will put them on the site.
    please put "flier for fundraiser" in the title so I can weed it out.
    elizastrack (at) gmail (dot) com