Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Someone Who Visited Hollis Says:

Dear Swamiji
Went to the hospital. The doctor who is attending Holly is a very good friend of mine. Spoke to him and he gave me the complete history.
AS things stand she is in COMA and he expects that it might take months for her to come back to normalcy. as of today the ventilators have been removed. he also mentioned about the plans to take her to U.S. He confirmed that the travel should not be a problem.
Met with Ms. Joy wills, Holly's mom's sister and briefed her of the situation. Assured all possible help and gave her my contact details. Told her about your sincere concern for HOLLY.
In my opinion Holly is getting the right treatment given the circumstances.

Will do my best.

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  1. Who wrote this? Pranams means to greet or that a formality or the persons name? And which Swamaji are they referring?

    Would love to know more...I am sure you are all meeting some amazing people there and I am sure that Hollis is getting great care.

    Everyone is in my thoughts and meditations everyday...I have had some crazy dreams since hearing the news.

    I send love and positive vibrations.
    aum aum aum~~~