Monday, March 9, 2009

From New York: Hearts Smash Borders

Olivia wrote today to give us an update on the New York Benefit.
Thanks Olivia!

just a note to say --

-- big ups to all the connectors, performers, musicians, DJs, VJs, surprise appearances, friends, loving strangers, out-of-towners, bakers, servers, cleaners, healers, helpers, artists, sound technicians, word-spreaders, fantasy providers, trapeze swingers, donation-givers and of course the House of Yes yes yes...

I wanted to let you know that the fundraiser was amazing. Everyone was very moved and the music was so good and the energy was incredibly positive. We had the remote healing circle which turned into a song that everyone in the whole venue was creating live with instruments, noisemakers, banging on the walls, and every other audible and other way to summon and send energy. all with hollis projected on the walls 20 feet tall! there were surprise guest appearances of performance art, trapeze, and a number of other very creative fundraising gimmicks..
we will edit the footage and send it asap.

* * * we raised a total of $2,135 in the rusty emergency aid kit cash box plus another hundred fifty or so still being collected from the auction and an additional $500 direct deposit !!! * * * bringing us damn close to 3 g in a few hours (and only 3 days of planning).. not bad for a room full of starry-eyed [broke] new yorkers.


  1. This is amazing, great work all around. I was wondering if anyone has looked into ebay as fundraiser? It would be a great way in this cash strapped economy for people to donate. Check it out here;

  2. I've cross linked to my rock climbing website ( All the best.

  3. I'm from Portland and although I have never met Hollis I have seen her around town before. Some friends of mine are playing the benefit for show for her in Portland I saw the link for this blog on the flier. I had no idea what happened to her cos I am currently going to school in Japan. I was shocked to read about what transpired. I am so glad that she is alive and well. To her family, I cannot imagine what you're going through but take comfort in knowing that a lot of people care about your daughter. Just reading this blog and seeing the tremendous out pouring of support is amazing and inspiring and restores some of my faith in humans. To her friends, she is very lucky to have all of you, keep on keeping on...and lastly to her boyfriend, so glad you were there to save her life, I know this must be so hard for you and I hope you continue to find the strength to pull through as well as the strength to help her on her road to recovery. I know I don't know any of you but I felt compelled to say something. This world is pretty messed up and often I wonder where all the good people are, it seems that Hollis is a rare gem and I am glad that she is still on this earth. I don't have much money but I donated a little something through paypal because I am sure anything helps. Take care.