Monday, March 9, 2009

Healing By Email:

This link was forwarded through the DPW list. Thanks.

Two weeks ago I might have discounted this article, but seeing the events that transpired, I can't help but wonder about the possibility of healing through email. I just received an email from Cameroon, Africa saying that some Peace Corps officers heard of the story and will have their son send a check for them. And right before that I got a donation from Vancouver B.C. from member of a bicycle dance team up there, The Brakes, who held a benefit brunch. They said that most of the people there only knew Hollis third hand. Then I get word that Austin, Gerlach, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Ottowa are all hosting benefits in the next few weeks. I also received an open letter to the yoga community. It was a call to mobilize city and country wide Yoga Benefits to aide Hollis. Have you ever heard of a Yoga Benefit? My mind is blown.
The article above brings up the idea that healing by email is possible because of the intention sent with it. I can particularly attest to this because I have read all ten thousand emails this week that have been sealed with a healing kiss. Most of the salutations are towards Hollis, but many include a pray of light to the columns supporting her. I feel connected to Hollis, and I try to send each screen shot to her in our own subconscious language. If healing by email is possible, even if Hollis doesn't get to see every single email that wishes her well, there is some substance to these desires. I must say the side effect also heals the community. It is beneficial for a person to feel the sensation of loving, and especially loving without limits. It is important for us to know how to give love. And by getting familiar with the value of your thoughts you send out, you know the benefits of receiving healing thoughts. We are activating our conscious networks, and I am very excited to see the outcomes. Ok, this is the end of the "New Agey" post. Just think it about it.


  1. I check in everyday on her progress and benefits being hosted. I knew her in HS and am currently in Salt Lake City. I read above that there is a benefit in the works? I have not been able to find anything on it, could you please give me more info when you know something? I would love to help!
    Thank you!

  2. Actually, sounds like you've got at least two groups rooting for you in Vancouver :) Our third-hand friends brunch and the Brakes thing are independent. (Wouldn't it be weird if they held a brunch, too?) It's great to hear there are *multiple* groups here helping out!

    Much love and healing from Canada!