Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Karaoke Benefit this Thurs. @ Il Pirata:

"Who loves karaoke?
We love karaoke!!!

Who loves helping a celebrated dancer in our community get on her feet again?
We love Hollis!!!

So come on out this Thurs, March 19th to Il Parata, where we can sing her some love, and love her some more. The way this karaoke night will work is you pay two bucks to sign up for a song. Depending on the song and how badly you do, someone from the audience can pay another two bucks to stop it, and who knows? Maybe "Living on a Prayer" is ::ahem:: someone's favorite song, so they can pay another two bucks to start it back up again, and on, and on... And if you want to up the ante, hey that's acceptable too! So, come drunk, stay drunk, be tone deaf and rowdy!

Tapped out for cash? Got a huge pile of cd's (what're those?) laying around? Bring 'em in so we can sell them to Amoeba Records. Or maybe you have some of Gramma's gold costume jewelry? Glenny knows a gold dealer who will give us a fair price. Or just come out and regale in the good energy and positive thoughts! Just b/c you're too shy to get on stage doesn't mean you can't watch other people make an ass out of themselves!

The where:
Il Parata
2007 16th St (near Potrero)
San Francisco, Ca

The when:
March 19th (THIS THURSDAY!!!), sign up for songs starts at 9pm, so get there early to get a slot!
Bar until bar time.

The Who:
The most celebrated KJ ever, Mr. Glenny Kravitz!!!

I can't wait to see your shining, stumbling, smiling faces coming together for this most awesome and deserving girl!

Ooh, ooh! Can some one bring a recorder? That would be hilarious if we could play the karaoke songs in her honor back to her!"

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