Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small steps... so you want the details huh?!?...

  She's off oxygen. Did you hear that? SHES COMPLETELY OFF OF OXYGEN!!! THEY ARE GOING TO MOVE HER OUT OF INTENSIVE CARE TOMORROW!!! She will have her own room and new surroundings to peek around in with her right eye.  The doctor is requesting a room with natural light, she's leaving the frosted glass fluorescent cubicles behind I say!!  So I did some research on reflexology and learned that everything brain and headwise is connected to the big toes.  I have been squeezing the living daylights out of her still manicured big guys and today as I grabbed ahold of one and went to reach for the other... she moved her foot. 
  We woke up early and rushed straight to talk to her head doctor, Dr. Balamurugan a suave sweetheart of a professional man. He informed us of the change and also that her right eye is definitely opening and no longer solely to pain.  Her oxygen saturation is staying at 98-100% despite the change and her lungs are improving greatly. She is accepting food through a tube in her nose, although they are still giving her milk despite her allergy (they don't have ricemilk but they sure do in California!!). Her mild sinus infection, external ear skin infection and abrasions  are getting better.  The crazy swelling in her left hand and arm and gnarly contusion bruise have finally started to head for the hills. Her arm is still however in a sling from her fracture on her left scapula.  Also the infection in her tracheotomy is improved and responding well to anti-biotics.  Her mouth moved or flinched when I was playing 'the Microphones' for her and singing along.  Me and mom told her all about the wildness planned for the upcoming benefits so you'd all better deliver.  
  Also at the meeting we met with two doctors from here at Apollo to discuss accompanying her through transport back to Stanford.  It may work out that we'll have to buy a section of a commercial plane for everyone and all the gear and her on a stretcher but nothing is set up yet.  This is surely a coordination nightmare with airlines and airports and ambulances and government and visas and passports etc.. Things however are obviously looking up. We may even make it home in time for my birthday on the 21st of March.  That would be the be  the best birthday present I could ever get. Thank you, Thank you.


  1. you're fucking awesome! thanks for giving everything you have in your soul to help our hollis heal!

    -bloody knuckles (though i may have some competition)

  2. I don't know Hollis at all, but lived through a similar nightmare with the ordeal of Todd Blair ( whom I was with in Europe when his accident happened. Todd was "lucky" to have 20 (or so) of his closest friends, also with him in Europe for a festival, when his accident happened.

    His process of healing & recovery has been slow and at times tedious... but man- the healing power of *love* from his amazing wife being by his side 24/7 and on the front-lines with his medical team the whole way- Alex's presence did (and continues to do!) so much for our guy. Hats off to you, Harrison, for your dedication to Hollis in her incredible time of need. I can assure you, it *is* making a difference; all the toe-pinches, head-pats, cheek- pecks, and everything else. :)

    A dear friend to so many of us in the Bay Area creative community, Amacker Bullwinkle, had also survived a horrific "internal decapitation" head injury, a year prior. She blew the odds away and is mostly 100% (less some gnarly metal assemblage at the base of her skull).

    Hollis' progress seems to be speeding along much quicker than Todd's or Amacker's did; and while each unique injury has it's own complications, I just wanted to share the above with you as encouragement to keep-up your faith in this nerve-wracking process.

    Keep up the amazingness, to the both of you.

  3. You can probably find rice milk et al. at the 'Ammanana' grocery store across from Chennai's Park-Sheraton hotel

  4. hey... so happy to read the update today. just wanted to let you know there's a bunch of people in istanbul who don't even know hollis who are thinking about her. i heard about her through a friend of hers last week and she's been in my thoughts ever since. more healing thoughts every day!

  5. Can you tell us what is the prognosis? I spend a long time trying to reach Brain Stem Injury online and could come up with absolutely noting. Is a fully recovery possible? If so what is the time line? Or a partial recovery? Is the time in months or years? While each case is different, I wanted to know what it has been for a similar cases, what the averages are for recovery. I know no one can say Holli's exact prognosis, I could not even find a vague idea of what to expect. It very frustrating not to have a medical background at times like these.

  6. Harrison!
    Its Emy from the Sprockettes in Portland!! So At our benefit here I wanted to lead everyone and do some energy channeling to Hollis.. I also wanted to have every chant words or love and strength and send it her way too... I wanted to call you from the party so you could put the phone up to
    Hollis' ear so she can hear us scream.. "wake UP!! and she will be able to feel all the love.. I know that it will be in the middle of the night there for you.. but i want to do it for hollis!! So can I call you? I got your number from kiki... So let me know if its possible!

  7. SO HAPPY to hear the update. Prayers are coming night & day & I do hope you can both be home for your birthday.

  8. Oh, btw, you don't know me, I am Kiki's sister

  9. I don't know Hollis but I came across her story when someone I follow on Twitter posted a link. It strikes a chord deep inside me because me and my fiancee traveled throughout India and it was an unforgettable journey. We were on the road for nearly a year, and had purchased travel insurance for 6 months, figuring we'd renew it when the time came. After 6 months, and approx a week before we were set to depart for India we decided nothing had happened thus far, let's save the money and not renew. Looking back it was a foolish decision. I shudder to think of us being in this same situation and perhaps not having an amazing community to rely on for help and support.

    I've never been to Burning Man but just a few days prior to reading about Hollis I had a long talk with a new friend who has attended for three years. I was in awe, and totally inspired to try and make the trek from Canada to Nevada to participate. After seeing the way this community can come together to help one of their own I am only further intrigued to experience it, and meet some of these wonderful people.

    I have passed the links to these blogs and newspaper articles along to friends urging them to tell anyone who will listen. I have kept Hollis, an absolute stranger, in my thoughts and prayers and find myself checking this blog numerous times a day.

    We can make a difference in the world with love and compassion.

    Stay strong.

  10. Harrison,

    I almost cried with big dopey tears of joy at this news! This is incredible! Keep holding on to those big toes of hers. It is a brain stimulant...and it appears to be working wonders!
    You are amazing really! I am meditating everyday on seeing you and Hollis and imagining that she is opening her beautiful eyes. I see her smile and feel her in my dreams often. I imagine warmth from my heart to hers and telepathy of messages to her of growth and renewal. This is sooooo fucking amazing it makes me cry!!

    Like a butterfly, like a phoenix seems to the naked eye that it is almost destoyed...but something altogether new emerges......Hollis is that butterfly, that phoenix rising....we LOVE you!

    Oh great Mother
    lead me into your dark cave
    show me your blinding bright heart
    teach me to dive in
    reckless wonton
    show me myself and let it be heard
    let me trust you when your a monster
    when your a maiden
    let me play in your house forever.....

    Come play Hollis!!!

    aum aum aum

    shanti shanti shanti~


  11. I added Hollis to the prayer list in church today - know that a generous, loving group people in Santa Monica are praying for her.

  12. Just an aside--I'm kind of amazed they let Hollis keep her beautiful hair; when I had my [brain] injury, my mom told me later they had to shave a runway right down the middle of my head.

    She's doing so well; thanks for keeping us posted. I'm so encouraged to know she's responding to you, and I repeat: she can hear you and she can see what's going on. It's so great that you're talking to her; keep it up. Make sure she knows what happened to her in the accident; I was frustrated as hell not knowing what I was doing in the hospital bed and how I got there. Not having a sense of continuity made me decide I must have died--seriously. It made me delusional.

    She's so lucky to have you, Harrison; keep up the good work.

  13. Such WONDERFUL, amazing & BEAUTIFUL news!!!

    Just putting it out there again, for people who want to have essentially live conversations and talk about everything that is happening with Hollis (& you, Harrison!) - about recovery, various ways to help, anything, all in one easy to meet place - I created a topic in the forum on my magazine specifically for Hollis and whatever new people have or want to know - and you can meet your fellow Hollis & Harrison fans! - click on the "Forum" tab on the left, sign up (takes two seconds) and start chatting away!

    It would also be a fun spot to talk about all the benefits directly as they are happening, and post pictures & stuff! Come on over - I hope that it comes in useful!

    Love love love,

    ~ kSea

  14. The time difference in India from SF is 13 hours, so when you are calling Harrison to sing into the phone for Hollis, it will be morning. He arrives at the hospital around 8 or 9am to talk to the doctors and pay the daily bill. You should check for sure, but he will probably be near Hollis at that time and she would love to hear you.