Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Non-profit Organization:

I just heard from NIMBY organizer, Snook, that paypal can freeze an account if they think it is fishy. Since this is a time sensitive matter, that would be terrible.
I want to nip that in the bud and get a non-profit to Umbrella our cause.
That way, when people donate, they can have the option of "tax-deductible."

Send me an email with "non-profit umbrella" in the subject line if you are willing to shadow our needs.


  1. I have had extensive experience with PayPal in this regard. The key here is to make sure that ANY and ALL websites that have a link to PayPal specify what the money is for. You have to be very very specific. I would write up a paragraph or two that has to be put on any web page that links to PayPal, that describes what the money is for, how it is going to be spent, etc...

    PayPal only flags an account as a problem when there is an anomaly in the amount of funds going into it. That was our problem, we created an account and started having people donate to it from the get go. After 2 days there were over 2k in donations and PayPal flagged the account as a possible scam. The key was that the websites that linked to donate didn't actually say what the money was for. This alone is what raised the red flags.

    Our cause didn't have a specific monetary goal at the time as it was to help 5 people find a new home after their previous home was taken from them by a mass murder. I would highly suggest creating a single site that is the "portal" for PayPal donations. Have everyone link to this "portal" site when they talk about making donations. If this site is very specific about what the money is for and what it is going to PayPal will not flag the account as long as money isn't being put into the account from other sites.

    I hope this helps, much love, hope, and patience.


  2. I have a nonprofit account set up for Arts in Aid called Amoration -- let me know if you need organizational assistance.