Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Money update-o-rama:

I haven't had my coffee yet, so I won't be able to insert flowery language about how there is not Recession of Love. I'll just cut to the chase.


Ok. coffee time.
Well, I gues I could say something about how I received word that there is a benefit getting rolling in Minneapolis. Hopefully the Derailleurs can get out there for Bike!Bike! this year. Here is what she said:

I'd love to send a check, I'd also like to tell you we're working on a benefit in mpls. more to come soon...I don't know hollis but as a yoga teaching bike riding india loving music freak she's my friend. Tell her even folks who don't know her are rallying.

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  1. i'm in minneapolis and know hollis.. not super well but i spent some time with her at juplaya and run into her once in a while. i'd like to help out with anything being planned in minneapolis. let me know who's organizing it. you can email me at velouria@waste.org