Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tonight is Karaoke @ Il Pirata:

Tonight @ Il Parata Miss Rugburn and Glorious KJ Glenny Kravitz present the most raucous karaoke event I have ever heard of.
From the saucy Karaoke Mistress Miranda Rugburn:

So dig it, tonight's the night. The night where instead of booing or grimacing in the corner, blubbering about when it's your turn next, talking shit about the crappy singing, you can DO something about it! Shut 'em up by giving 2 bucks. That's it. Like 'em, or just want to piss other people off? Give 2 bucks to start it up again.

So let's do this:
Il Pirata
2007 16th St. (near Potrero)
San Francisco, CA
Bar 'til bar time, so get that firewater boiling!

So to reiterate:

Hate the person on stage? Now you have the sweet, sweet control of getting them OFF the stage! Hate the crowd? Pick the most annoying song to sing and keep the intensity rising by upping the ante and seeing if anyone will match you. Hate yourself? Well, good luck with all that, maybe singing a sweet little lullaby will put your woes at ease - HA, 'til you get shut down! 10 bucks severs (or continues?) the ties completely! This is a fight on all accounts. Hollis is fighting to come out of this, so we're (literally) fighting for her!

Luchador masks encouraged ::cough:: Logan ::cough:: Talking crap, being annoying, punching, well, we all know how punching ends, right Weldboy?

So get your jerk on, and come out!!

Can't wait to see you.
burnt rug.

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