Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh yeah...

Exactly one week ago at this time we were covered in blood and I was fanning her in the first ambulance racing to JIPMER (the AC was broken, it was like a steam room). Long way baby. Feels like a lifetime ago...


  1. even though it's not much, i've donated something. i might not know you guys directly, but you're family of my family and that's enough.

    i was in india just recently, and i don't think anyone can understand the craziness that is the typical indian road. it takes incredible courage to venture out there.
    stay strong harrison.

    i'm sending love and light and healing energy. heal holis, heal!

  2. Harrison,

    You are amazing in so many ways. This is Sarah from Portland/Sprockettes. So a friend of mine, Raquel, went through what you are going through, having a partner in a coma, this past summer. He woke up after 2 weeks and is recovering well. Amazing story as well. She offers herself as a resource for you. (Read below) There are so many people sending positive energy. Keep up the fight!
    (From Raquel) ps- Please share my info with her partner as a resource for medical info and intervention, the nature of her injury sounds hauntingly similar to Karl's and I have been devoted to educating myself on treatment and therapy options. If her spine has not been compromised she should be resting at an incline with her head up, gravity can do its part to suppress the swelling in her brain. Reassure him that she needs to be under now, trust her lovely body to what it needs to thrive. I imagine her coma will be at least a few weeks in duration. Music is very important as well, it stimulates all areas of the brain and triggers memories, hints that can ground her back into her life and help her fight. Hearing music from each side is recommended but he needs to be sure to watch her vital signs, over stimulation is not desired.

    Raquel Hugo

  3. I'm encouraging everyone to do what I just did a few minutes ago. I changed my FB profile pic to Hollis' pic that I grabbed off of tribe.net. It contains THIS website address. I posted a status update that says 'GOIN WIDE today for Hollis Hawthorne, a pure gold girl! Then I took Dominique Vyborny's post to the Austin List and reposted it as a note on FB. We all gotta go WIDE today for Hollis, to reach the networks outside the networks... to connect the dots to the help and helpers we need. I posted to Twitter with a question: Do you know docs/nurses/ER techs/pilots? Got plane? and listed THIS website, w/a request to RETWEEET. goin wide and viral for Hollis today.
    If you want to make this easy, friend me and repost my post on twitter or FB. I'm pegorama.

  4. For the next (2) nights I will be hosting an intentional remote healing circle for Hollis.

    This healing circle will run Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings from 8:30pm-9:30pm PST. It will be 10:00am-11:00am the following mornings in Chennai, India. A number of us participated in this on Monday night.

    Anyone who is interested is invited to join in anytime, The only thing necessary is that you sit quietly and to send love from your heart to Hollis. She and her body will do the rest of the work.

    The remote healing will be facilitated by Alice Hess in Minnesota.

    Alice is a retired nurse anesthetist with many years of experience in major teaching hospitals. She holds degrees in Nursing from Washington University in St. Louis, MO and in Nurse Anesthesia from the University of Minnesota. She has studied and practiced natural healing since the 1980s.

    She is a certified instructor of the Quantum Touch® modality, is certified as a Level 3 Reconnective Healing® practitioner, and also uses the Vogel crystal technique. She is a member of ISSSEEM (International Society for Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine,) a charter member of IONS ( Institute of Noetic Sciences) and a retired member of AANA. (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) She is trained in medical hypnosis (hypno-anesthesia in particular).

    In the operating room, Alice quietly practiced her energy healing modalities and was recognized by the hospital staff when her patients consistently healed faster.

    Alice has asked that anyone interested participate during the times listed above, as the energy work is amplified when others join in.

    again, all that is required is for you to sit quietly and to send Hollis love from your heart - at any time, but specifically between the hours of 8:30p-9:30p PST / 10:00a-11:00a in India.

    Please join us.


  5. Harrison--Hi. I'm an old college friend and roommate of Hollis from WKU. Some old college buddies in Kentucky want to have a fundraiser in Louisville. I need to know how soon we need to pull this together and find a connection for some more information if we need it. Please reply with best way to get in touch with you or someone helping you?

  6. Alright people-

    we need more information...

    1.Harrison, what is the hospital name, your phone number and email?

    2.Have you discussed personally (or Hollis's mom or your mom) with the Stanford Dr's that have spoken with her Indian Dr's and determined that flying is the best option and the safest?

    3.My friends from the UK and America are looking into the situation and we are seeing what can be done. However, as I said, I need them to be able to contact you, the hospital and the doctors, as well as whoever is the contact Dr. at Stanford.

    4.PBR, Bacon, Non-DPWer's: Everyone can write a letter - in case this is the best option to:

    Consulate General of the United States of America
    Gemini Circle
    220 Anna Salai
    Chennai 600 006

    Telephone: 91-44-2857 4000
    Facsimile: 91-44-2811 2036
    Email: chennai.office.box@mail.doc.gov

    Subject Matter: "Emergency Medicial Help Chenmmai; Hollis Hawthorne"

    The Letter should include, "Hollis is on our work team," and why Hollis needs the state Dept.'s help to get back to the US.

    5. Harrison, get in touch with Drunkennurse. And Listen to the advice of Raquel. And stimulate with touch. On her arms, hold her hand, massage her feet... anything to help her mind/body stimulated. even television or music or reading her these letters and blogs outloud over and over again.

    Tell her we all love her and miss her and want her back and better and home on that deserty playa again this mother fucking summer drinking pbr and making flowers out of fabic in the saloon. Get up Hollis!!

    We Love You,


  7. how much $ is needed again to get her to stanford?? yoga class tonight at the caretaker's house, 848 divisadero, is dedicated to hollis (& eliza).
    sending healing energy,

  8. Hey
    i don't have a credit card to use and am living in Buenos Aires but i want to donate. I'm really sorry. I send positive vibrations from across the world.

    Jen Bach

  9. Good question...

    I just got good news people, if she is to be flown. There is a company out of Canada that is willing to help as much as they can. They sometimes will fly on Commerical Jets and save over half.

    But they need, as I said... MORE INFORMATION!!! Hospital Name, Phone Number, Hollis's Birthdate... including YR, Does she have her passport on her? Recieving Dr. and Vitals....

    B/C the company is canadian....
    and so we could get this done for... much less...than we thought...but to get a price i need more info...

    GET IN TOUCH Harrision

    Do you have confident info from the dr s there... and the dr's at stanford she can be moved?

  10. I don't know the young woman who had the accident. All I know is that last year my daughter was going to school in Pondicherry, and this is every parents worst fear. In some ways, this kid IS my daughter. My best wishes to you all.

  11. Get that man some info! Donated.