Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And now for something different: Lost Vegas

If you didn't know, Harrison was going to go to Slovenia after India to work on a artboat project before Hollis' accident occurred. The project is called the The Swimming Cities of Serenissima. It is headed up by the world renown artist Swoon and also Chicken John. Many of our bay area friends are going to meet up with the project to build it and sail it down to Venice. The goal is to do shows along the way, and end at the Venice Beinalle, and crash the party.
Harrison chose to drop the next six months of his international artstar life to stick by Hollis' side and see her through the fog. (clapclapclap)

Last week the funding was severely cut right as they secured a spot to build in eastern Europe.
This Saturday there is benefit at Cell Space called LOST VEGAS.
This occasion calls for high heels and sequins.
You can bet on cockroach racing or rat roulette.
Watch Hollis' dance team and showgirls extraordinaire, The Cheese Puffs.
See Otto Von Danger jump the Ramp of Death.
Listen to the soothing sounds of the Devo lounge cover band, Mongolounge.
Mark Growden was just added to the bill.
Get married in the chapel.
Throw pies at Chicken John.
Sounds fun, eh?

Here are pictures of the last few Lost Vegas events:

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