Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not to be outdone:

Hearing about all the cities who are putting on fundraisers, Seattle got miffed that they didn't join the cause and so they are not only doing one benefit, but two!
A lady named Heather Miles is putting the two together. They are planning a small bar event in May, and a very large, outdoor, full-day circus/concert event + raffle in June.
If you live in Seattle, search this woman out and join up on the team. In a recession, there are a bunch of people with idle time on their hands. Let's put those hands to work.
Heatherly is looking for a venue at the moment.
to contact her:

And on the tip of fundraisers, we are not out of the woods of wonderfulness yet!
We have many still coming up. Here is a schedule:

April 4th Western Kentucky University:
Healing Hollis- A night of Comedy, Dance, and live music.
@ Russell Miller Theater
7pm Silent Auction starts
8pm show starts

April 18th Austin Texas:
early eavning till late
@ the burning flipside wherehouse off of springdale and airport in east austin
THAT Damned Band
GutBunny Revival
Black Label Bike Club will have their freak bikes, tall bike jousting, chicken shit kino, and freak bike rides for donation
face camp will be set up for chillin out in
there will be a raffle with many awesome prizes
a possible dance troop
wrapped up with a movie night featuring "The Jerk"

ANY performers are welcome to come and show their stuff, just email Anne Bonny:
(looking for musical and circus performers, other ideas welcome of course)
everything will be on donation and there will be info on hollis' story for anyone to check out.

May 1st, New York City:
I just received word today that two birthday folks are throwing a huge warehouse party and wanted to turn it into a benefit for Hollis. They heard about her inspiring message and want to help her out on this slow recovery. Isn't that so sweet you get a cavity?
Anyways, Caeli Higgins got in touch with me and told me that she is throwing an event in a warehouse that can hold 1,000 people and she wants to yell it from the rooftops.
If you want to link up with actions going on in New York, or if you are and artist/dj/performer/painted lady, get in touch with her.
The facebook event is:

ps: Oakland, I want some words, a story chronicling the benefit last Saturday. The Giant Get Well Soon Card looks amazing in Hollis room.

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