Friday, April 17, 2009

Acupuncture on saturday.

Saturday for a couple hours Hollis will be getting acupuncture.
Starting at 3:30, Hollis will not be accepting visitors until 6pm.

She is becoming more and more aware. She seems to be more present. Her eyes are opening together and wide when I walk in. Her noises are getting more expressive. She had been kicking her legs, especially her left one. The doctors have been using this table that they strap her to that slowly stands up, so she can get used to the feeling of gravity under her feet.
I think about how it seems like it is taking so long for her, and how things are still in such shambles of Hollis' former self. Then I think about how each week progress builds and builds and is just a very slow process. I think about the first time I saw her compared to the last time and there have been incredible steps taken. I must be patient and consistent. Breath and wait.


  1. Hey Eliza,
    I'm heading there today or tomorrow. Is the mask and glove thing still in force?

  2. I had my Hollis dream, and it was largely about her friends and family, about supporting each other in struggling to believe in hope. I've been doing a lot of Hollis thought while driving through the desert. As time goes by my questions grow so vast. The patience is so tricky. I feel like I'm learning to love and live with wider eyes. Thanks Hollis.

  3. Every bit of news I hear about Hollis is encouraging. I know it's slow progress, but the important thing is she's moving forward.

    In fact, the more I hear, the more I'm thinking about getting out there to visit. Seriously.