Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hollis is coming Home

Hollis has been cleared for take-off.

Many of you have been hoping for this moment:
Hollis was cleared for setting up shop at her childhood home as soon as January 15th.

She will me moving back in with her mother, Diane, just in time to keep her company through this hard time. Heather, Hollis' sister, is also making plans to join their mother in the old haunts.

The house has been under construction to accommodate Holli and her chair and mobility needs. If you have the means to donate, please send a little help through the paypal to cover some of these untimely costs.

Keep the Hawthorne/Allison family in your heart and here's to another year of discovery and triumph.


  1. stuPENdous. Now, lets get crackin on that HollisMobile for Burning Man this year, folks.

  2. How are the Dyna-Splints doing? I hope those have helped... esp with her arm...


    Julie Dole

  3. Also, do you do any at-home ultrasound on her? Ask your physical therapist... I use a handheld unit I got on ebay for things like tight shoulders and whatnot... it reaches where massage can't... goes further and deeper through the muscle, painlessly!


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