Friday, August 14, 2009

I snuck a peek..

Went in to see Hollis on Wednesday and she was pretty chill. Seemed to be thinking about something.
Then I saw a note on the bed in place of Diane. It was from Harrison with some good news.
Said he was talking silly stuff and got her to smile ear to ear.
While I did not see it myself, it was written in Harrison's writing, dated just a few moments before I arrived.

Thought you should know this visual.

Yin Yangin' it.


  1. Wow! I'm SOOO Amazed to hear that she's talking and loving and smiling and all of that. I don't know any of you personally and yet I'm crying tears of gratitude right now.

    Thanks to all the caregivers that have been there for her. You guys have been so amazing. It made me happy to see Harrison's post recently and hear that he's making efforts to make sure he keeps on living.

    I have been watching this story unfold over the last year, reading all the blog entries and sending all the positive energy I can muster across the country.

    I will be thinking about Hollis out on the playa this year and thinking about when she'll be back!

  2. Went for lil visit yesterday. When I got there her momma Diane was snuggled close and they were both watching Mama Mia on the computer. Hollis was actively watching it. I could see her eyes moving around the screen. I sat in a chair and chatted a bit with Diane and when I got up to leave I stood up and gave Diane a hug. Hollis' eyes shot right over to us and she gave me a look like "What the hell is going on?"
    Before she was in a coma I didn't know her mom of course, but as I visit I get to know her bit by bit. Still, this must have come as a surprise to Hollis.
    My friend Spider got hit by a car and was in ICU under a medically induced coma and when he woke up all his friends were friends with one another and we all new his mama!