Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rachael Fisher Visited Hollis over the Break

but that part turned out to be quite easy. hollis is bustin' full of love. spent most of the afternoon and evening pawing at my face and tugging on my dreads like a newborn kitten, and smiling, smiling. it was super easy to make her laugh and light up. moving her left leg a whole lot (she kept hooking it around my neck and slamming me into the bed with like this judo move, it was very funny) and the other one a tiny bit. when she got real agitated she folded the right one up which i hadn't thought she could do.

that was the scary part-- we were alone most of the time and for a little while she obviously became very emotional and upset. she was clutching hard at my face and hands and hair with a terrible twisted expression like she was absolutely terrified or totally enraged-- probably both-- and kicking like crazy, and trying to speak to me a few times, but it was only one syllable and i couldn't make anything out. i just let her hang onto me. wasn't sure what else to do. i guess it's a good sign that she tries to communicate... it's just frightening, the intensity of emotion that seems to drive her to it.

that seemed to tire her out, and she chilled out and cheered up again, and we goofed off with grover some more, and i hung out until she went to sleep for the night. i gave her your message and everyone else's and gave her a kiss for every person who misses her in the bay area (well, that would be almost impossible, but a good effort was made). it was very sad to leave her. she seems so lonesome for her friends.
her eyes got really big and quiet and kind of searched my face whenever i said eliza's name.

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  1. We are all super smart and recptive to non-verabal communications-expressions. Hollis has had a major rearrangement of her psyche, so interpreting the nonverbals in the negative may be off base. Awesome you visited and blogged - the journey of a thousand miles starts with a loving step!