Friday, January 22, 2010

Singing in the new year...

Hollis has been singing more and more songs from her ipod.
Singing is a good way to develope the vocal chords for speaking because the notes are already pre-determined and it helps familiarize her with making sounds.
It's just a matter of time...


  1. Greetings. I surmise you'all might not want to discuss Hollis' medical condition per se, but as we approach the one year mark of the incident, I'm still not sure I understand her condition. She's talking, she understands things, she's in physical therapy, etc., from what I gather in this blog. Does that mean she's out of a coma and her physical wounds are healing or are healed? I don't fathom medical stuff, I just want to know when she'll be out treatment and ready to come back to SF. Thanks.

  2. Singing is great speech therapy; you know that stutterers can never stutter when they sing.

    I've been thinking of Hollis a lot; I know I haven't checked in or posted in a while, because things—as usual—have been crazy. Now that she's in Nashville, there's a chance I could actually visit her, if I'd be welcome. (I'm Beth, who had the brain injury in NYC over 25 years ago.)