Friday, July 3, 2009

Hollis and High-5's

Yesterday I went in to say hello to Hollis and we worked on high fives for a while.
It's slow reaction, but she does raise her left hand for the magic of the palm slap. One time she really gave it her all with some force.
This is a great sign and one that can hopefully turn into communication. She understands what I say and responds. We still don't have the "yes" "no" communications, but this is a good step.

After the high5's I gave her a dancing lesson on proper body mechanics. We held both hands wide and danced a bit to some music. I introduced her two hands to themselves and told her about bi-lateral symmetry and advised her to work on her right hands range of motion.
It was truly fun.
I am on my way to the hospital right now with some Derailleurs for a drawing experiment.

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  1. Oh, right, Derailleurs; I forgot what brought me to this site today in the first place.

    This URL is to a video of Frank Zappa playing the bicycle on the Steve Allen show in 1963. I really love this video; it had been removed from YouTube, but now it's back.